I Dont Know Help!!

I think i'm an indigo child i was born 1995 and have vivid night trrors, and somtimes the dreams come to life in a way I feel the pain I expierience in the dream. also i can feel spirits and hear them and i can also read people , there moods and what they are thinking somtimes please help me show me the way please comment.

diablo711 diablo711
5 Responses Mar 18, 2009

oh thank you i will send u a message right away

wow i just read that to myself, i hope u can understand it bc i wrote it and barely can. sorry i talk like an idiot but i assure u im not ha

??? if u want send me a message about your dreams and maybe i could try to help u understand them a little bit and accept them. do u do ne thing to protect yourself before u go to sleep. i also have a very active night dreams of i look at them as messages. they can be scary at times. when they r intense and frightening i really enjoy. even tho im sure u r very mature and advanced for your age, i understand how they could be unsettleing.

thank you very much for trying but maybe u could say it in a comment here.

tried to send u a message but your account is private so i couldnt.