Goverment Replacement

I have a theory about how the new goverment should be run all over the world. first you start out a simple small town mayor in one of the 7 or 6 contenents, and there are about 500 little mayors and the people vote until it comes down to 5 and the people vote 1 or 2 in depending on the prcents and they do this in every contenent so there is one leader of the contenent or two leaders and every dessision they make is voted upon good or bad by the people and small town mayors and small goverment. and they are in power for as long as 10 years but then a new vote must be held. but if the leader is corrupt or unworthy a new vote will be held as soon as possibly and how people decide if a new vote is held is once a year to see if the leader is still legable to lead. please comment your thoughts on this.

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

hey bud, dont worry about negative ppl and comments! some ppl think they no so much when they are obviously clueless about the subject. remember what i told u about the way i write type and talk. we're over it! u just having an opinion on government, or ne ideas, or worry about the world in that way and at your age is very impressive. hope all is well!

Look up "The Venus Project" It's based on solar, wave and wind power, free and clean. Also, technology taking over most jobs as in robotics and hidden advanced technology reserved for governments so that people can work much less or not at all and spend time as they wish. It seems far-fetched but when the details are read it actually makes sense and one realizes that we live in a marketed world and the news, movies and tv programs are this systems sponsors instigating guilt, fear and shame to stay in this system.<br />
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Please don't let anyone make you feel badly, we are all in a learning process and everything is relative. The way you wrote your comment might inspire others that have your same way of communicating.