I Have Had Some Interested Experiences/ Do Not Know What It Means Though.

I too am new to this whole Indigo and Crystal children mind frame.  About a week ago a room mate of mine commented that I must be a Indigo child, I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. He is very into spirituality and alternative thinking, ultimately he informed me on what a Indigo children and I found it very intriguing.  I  have always had a sense of wanting something more or there is something I have to accomplish, which has given me a sense of restlessness my whole life. I am very sociable with many friend, and a great career. From the outside I have had a somewhat successful life thus far, although there is still that incomplete feeling I have all the time. One aspect of Indigo child experiences that really grabbed my attention was the fact that they are highly sensitive to electronics and electro- magnetic energy. This may sound completely nuts, but since I was a kid, more times than not street lights would go out as I walked under them. Obviously not the whole street but maybe one or two then as I walk one or two more, I have actually had comments by people with me at the time. I could be reading to much into it but this is an experience I have had and wanted to bounce it off someone. 

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I have many deja vu moments and Im very intuitive. I have alot of the characteristics of an Indigo. When I was a child I knew I was different than everyone else. I was an outcast most of the time. I could never understand why children did what they did and how they could be so hurtful. I never really believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny either. I've shorted out many ATMs also, LOL

Thanks for the comment, and in regards to what makes me a indigo child, I really do not know. Hell, I just learned about indigo children a short time ago. I am here to basically learn more about it and relay certain experiences that I have had and if it strikes a cord with someone, great. I actually found a check list of certain experiences and emotions felt by people claiming to be indigo children, I believe they conducted a blind question air and and amassed the similar experiences. That is not the only strange experience I have had though, and believe me I am not the kind of guy to try to blow things out of proportion. I cannot tell you how many times I have met strangers and they claim to know me or they say I look just like someone they know or that they feel like they have known me for a long time. All I am doing is throwing all this stuff against the wall and wondering if someone else has had a similar experience.

I am also very intrigued by this now! I definitely have to do more research. I was facinated, and quite shocked when you were talking about the street lights going out...that has happened to me also...not just street lights, but store lights, I used to work in a factory and above the spot I was working the lights would flicker,get dim,or completely go out. I always took a notice to this but never made a big deal about it. I think I metioned it to someone once...and they thought it was just a coinsedence. I don't think it is though. Thanks for sharing..... I'm just wondering what it is that makes you a indigo child?

Thank you for responding, I am very intrigued with this whole subject. So you share the same qualities, I really think there is something to this.

Enjoyed your story, and share those qualities so I guess that applies to me, too. It's not always comfortable, but I guess it's rarely dull! ;)