Indigo Children

[Please be advised that I do not identify as strongly with this label as I did originally . Please click here EP Link for further clarification before reading and before posting comments. Thank you.]

Some of you may have heard of this and are now thinking "This person is stupid/crazy!"And some of you have never heard of this and are now thinking "What's that?" Well, i'm going to tell you the whole story. Ever since i was little, I've always known that I was different. I mean, REALLY different. I didn't know what it was, and I looked everywhere for an explanation fo why I felt so different from everyone else. Well, I'm just going to define the title "indigo child". 

From Wikipedia: 

characteristics of Indigo children include:

  • They are often labeled with the psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and also Autism.
  • They are highly sensitive, both emotionally and physically, and most suffer from a low self-esteem.
  • Many have nervous system problems such as excessive anxiety, which is claimed to be linked to their higher vibrational frequency, and are also prone to depression.
  • They often suffer from sleeping problems, such as insomnia, frequent nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis.
  • They are very empathic, and can easily detect or are in tune with the thoughts of others.
  • They have great intuitive power.
  • They often have an insatiable curiosity, and love to ask questions as well as questioning everything around them.
  • They are naturally drawn to matters concerning mysteries, spirituality, the paranormal and the occult.
  • They oppose unquestioned authority and have a proclivity for generating their own solutions to problems and holding to explanations which are usually contradictory to convention.
  • They become anti-social when not around other Indigo Children
  • They act and feel as with a strong sense of entitlement
  • They have a clear sense of self-definition and in knowing who they are.
  • Most of them feel the need to make a significant difference in the world, and they believe or are fully aware of having a special or high purpose in life.

if you feel this may be you (or for any other reason), feel free to comment.


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would to get in touch with you.... I always believed that the indigo should be connected. my email

Actually, I don't even know whether i'm an indigo or not, but here is my story i hope you guys could help me knowing myself.

When i was a child, you could say i'm a bright and hyperactive one. Since my early years i developed a huge interest in the world of science, the last time i checked my IQ is 140.
I'm an Introvert, I love studying unsolved mysteries especially when its involving science.
Sometimes, i have a vague dreams about the future, and without knowing when or where it would happen. But it always does happened exactly like when i dreamed about it.

I empathize a lot, i could know what people feels or think only from hearing their sound from the telephone, and i could easily spots mistakes in peoples argument even if its just from reading the texts.

I have an anxiety disorder, i think its because every time i see or think about something, i immediately having every possible outcome that could happened and its making me very very nervous.

so what are you guys thinking?

This is me and I wish I knew more like me.

Yes we live rough lives and the worse things happen to us . We are leaders and people usually look to us for guidance and advice . Fellow indigo child

Wow. This is incredible, reading all these stories. I recently joined a Wiccan Coven and one of my sisters mentioned she thought I was an Indigo Child so I started researching and this sounds like me. I've noticed a lot of people have gone through quite a bit of trauma growing up; I think we need this to appreciate the good and who we are when the time comes for us to play our part. Lately I've been drawn to certain people and I've started mentoring them on their own spiritual journey, it helps me learn and develop as well. I also have noticed that I can manipulate the weather when it rains so that I am never rained on, or when I am it barely touches me at all...I thought this was just coincidence until I saw a post on this page. If anyone wants to get in contact please don't hesitate to message me.

That's all me..except i don't have OCD or ADHD.

I've heard that all Indigoes have, well, indigo auras. I can see auras, manipulate energy, (kinetic, biological, spiritual, thermal, and potential), interpret dreams (never been wrong), and I'm a empath. But.. my aura isn't indigo. It's a shimmery gold color sometimes laced with peach/pink/coral. So then what a I classified as? Please help me here someone!

you could be a crystal..

I have always known that I have a higher purpose. When I was about 4 years old, my aunt asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I replied: "I dunno. But I do know that I'm going to change the world."
I have no siblings and my parents got divorced when I was 2 years old. I was a social write-off until highschool. Spending so much time alone didn't bother me as I had my guides whom I saw and communicated with. My mother wrote it down as "imaginary friends".
I developed my empathic ability around age 13. Whenever I was in close proximity to a person, I would "pick up on their energy", to the point where I would actually FEEL the emotion that they are experiencing.
I've always been told that I have an old soul and some people feel uncomfortable making eye contact because it feels like I see straight into their soul.
Still age 13 I started smoking heroin due to low self-esteem and obesity. Six months later I was expelled from boarding school after getting caught smoking heroin. I never touched it again.
At age 15 I started using other drugs like MDMA, Ecstacy, LSD, Cocaine, Khat, Shrooms and Weed. I attended school on average 2 days a week and matriculated with 6 A's and 1 B.
I went to college, dropped out.
Took a job in sales and in no time a pattern emerged: every 3-6 months I'd change my job. I've worked as a sales rep, night club manager, P.A., receptionist, estate agent, Au Pair, journalist, TEFL (Teaching English in a Foreign Language), Nail technician, voice over artist, songwriter, columnist, high energy freestyle dancer and facilitated vision, eye, ear and lung testing in an occupational clinic... I can do anything I put my mind to, however, I lose interest very quickly.
I eventually added Crystal Meth to my regular drug cocktail. Used daily (except when I crashed every 2 weeks or so and slept for 5-6 days straight). The meth opened me up to other vibrations I hadn't encountered before and at times I didn't want to encounter. I only discovered then that I am creative. I love creating and making things, such as zen gardens, dream catchers, and jewelery - using feathers and crystals.
I have telepathy. It surfaces randomly and I have no control over it. But every vision, prediction I've given, as well as the minds I've read, have been spot on.
I see dark shadowy entities who linger at times. No communication though.
Friends nicknamed me "SPCA" because I "pick up strays". I attract "lost souls" and act as a catalyst for them to break free and I attract people who are on the verge of spiritual awakening.
I was raised to be a racist. It never stuck.
I was raised Orthodox Christian. It never resonated with me. I am very curious about different religions and have a vast knoweledge of most. But I can't label my beliefs. There is no faith involved, I just KNOW.
I am also bisexual, as I believe you fall in love with another soul, not a body.
I perceive all encounters as soul-to-soul, spirit-to-spirit and feel a strong connection to Cosmic. You are in me and I in you, we are one and to one we shall return.
I stopped taking drugs 2 years ago. No addiction. I feel that it was my intended path for those 13 years. I guided many and was guided by others in turn.
I can't deny that the drugs widened my perception even more.
Now I simply live my life, and it is a simple life, as a nomadic hippy within the psychedelic trance culture. I have never felt more "at home". Its a whole community of like-minded people.
I answer questions as best I can, but I'm rarely ever wrong. I make new connections come my way regularly and I'm at ease knowing that what should be, is.
I am by no means enlightened, but I am aware.

You sound very interesting-would very much love a chat with you sometime. :)

I am an Indigo and have always known.<br />
<br />
I have an indigo aura, which is usually laced with violet,opal, and sometimes gold.<br />
I identify with much of this list, except I'm not the depressed type. I can get very very moody though.

I have all these Characterics and i believe am an indigo.

I have all these Characterics and i believe am an indigo.

me too. always happy to meet another. =)

I'm an indigo too... ;D I embrace it instead of fearing it. Your here for a purpose! So act like itt!

But what is our purpose? I'm still trying to understand this and I've had absolutely no guidance. I'm trying to remember but no such luck. :/

I'm an indigo - finally found my indigo man. Never been so happy.

oddly enough, i have all of these except ADHD and Autism.. hmmm.

in response to the latest post: if you had taken time to read some of the posts before you have clearly stated we only have a label and label ourselves because we live in a label fueled society and if we don't label ourselves society WILL label us something else different crazy freak take your pick I've been called all of them. If you had done some research you would know indigo's hate labels and putting us into boxes. most us simply prefer the term sensitive or aware.

I don’t speak english very well, but I think you’ll understand what I intend to say. <br />
<br />
Indigo children are not and can not be a true thing, and anyone who finds solace by classifying himself in the “indigo category” is causing harm to themself and others, although he got the opposite feeling. This is the idea of those who want to be special, because they feel they are special (and probably are), but do not want to move away from the world as it is, cause in some way they want to belong by classifying themselves in one of the categories. Because of our division this world still belongs to the animals.<br />
<br />
Some time has passed since I could, using the definitions and experiences of “indigo people”, classify myself as an indigo man, but I've always resisted such a trivial category because I felt it was fake and that it hinders the progress of my consciousness and thus consciousness of those around me. <br />
<br />
Although I might not know how to explain this inner knowledge, I ‘m sure that it's true because by receiving a variety of information about the world, truth and purpose, which came “out of nothing” (I didn’t think about them, yet ideas and truths appeared), none of them ever shoved to be false.<br />
<br />
So, I don’t doubt that indigo child is a fabrication and an obstruction to our progress. Although to limit yourself with ‘’indigo’’ idea is the lesser evil than to live an ordinary "animal" life, like most people do, you must not forget that the lesser evil does not mean welfare, verity, rectitude... <br />
<br />
Live your life without assortments like Englishman, black, gay, woman, believer, indigo...

Nothing sounds silly to me, nowadays :). I'm very open minded when it comes to this. Some might say it is the gullibility but you know what? I enjoy my world with magic, you know?<br />
<br />
What I'd like to know though is how did you get your skills up stronger than before? I had to have a sudden shift in a relationship in order for me to be more 'aware'... how about you, nyx?

it seems are gifts are improved through practice. but trying too hard won't work either. we are all going thru a consciousness shift so everyone should be developing faster. our gifts seem to come and go. for instance i couldn't use any of my abilities for two weeks kinda freaked me out but then they came back one day stronger than before (about double in strength). sometimes when we learn psychic lessons our minds need time to assimilate the information for a better understanding. therefore we believe it's just part of the learning process. I was born this way. some get gifts from near death experience, traumatic life events, or thru hard work meditation and spiritual enlightenment. i hope this helped Lysander Love and Light

Uhh... Yeah?<br />
<br />
I'm not too sure if I'm an indigo or not (though given the post above, I suppose so since a lot of what I am are those traits (except that first one)). I'd like to know myself though; I'd like to have an honest assessment of whether I am or not, but I'd like to find out myself, ya know? TO see with my own 'eyes'.<br />
<br />
Let's do this.

well my best answer is if you feel deep down without a shadow of a doubt your an indigo you probably are. moste of us find out we are indigo's and have what is sometimes described as a coming home feeling. with me i felt everything was right in the world for just that moment and i was when and where i needed to be. i klnow this sounds silly but you just know.

I am 19 years old and my name is Nick. I am an indigo child. indigo children are roughly between 8 and 25 years old. We were born more tuned in to the world and many of us including myself have had psychic abilities from a young age. we also live a hard and often lonely life. most consider us crazy if they know of our true nature. and still others think we are special or think we r better than everyone else. we are simply here to help humanity along we are humanity we are equal. i was a skeptic and believed i had lost my mind but i have the ability of empathy remote viewing intuition healing and manipulation of wind and weather. We indigo's are not a threat unless you oppose us. for the good of humanity we must all evolve. namaste and remember we are all one and to one we shall return: unity consciousness. there are no indigo's crystals humans normals we are all the same operating at different frequencies. we are only labeled indigo because of our aurua color and we unfortunately live in a label fueled society. we need a label for everything. a disease a medicine a person even your sexual prefrence. we must change... the world must change. not revolution...EVOLUTION.

my parents think that i am a crystal child since i was little.<br />
because i could speek to spirits and i was alway loved crystal, rocks and gems. most of all i see shadow people. but i have a question for who ever is reading this. Why do they always stay silent?<br />
i hope people would read this comment. <br />
<br />
from ?

my parents think that i am a crystal child since i was little.<br />
because i could speek to spirits and i was alway loved crystal, rocks and gems. most of all i see shadow people. but i have a question for who ever is reading this. Why do they always stay silent?<br />
i hope people would read this comment. <br />
<br />
from ?

i have read your comment and your not alone. remember that. but i cant answer your questions as my gifts are extremly different from your own. best of luck and love and light

Thank u

I was/am probably an Indigo but was never supported or encouraged by my parents. I was attracted to arts and music and asked for lessons but denied. I wasn't given the clothes I needed to feel comfortable. I was told things like "children should be seen and not heard" I was told to "keep my nose to the grindstone" etc. Yes, now I am older and I can make my own way through life?? I didn't have help going to college. I was on welfare and did go to college on the Pell grant, but people told me college was "bs" and I should just get a good ol' blue collar job. Yes, blue collar jobs are fine....for some people. You all who have support....keep on being YOU. You who don't have support have to try harder on your own.

All of these listed traits apply to me. My grandmother is highly spiritual, and she believes I'm an Indigo child. But sometimes I feel as if my aura is growing weaker... And it's scaring me.

i recently could not access my gifts at all! and it was scary but now they are back stronger than before i'm still adjusting to my new power levels. it doesnt usually grow weaker but dormant and resurfaces over time. hang in there :)

i too struggling a bit to put this label on me although do have the sensitivity and most of this except for sleep disorder - NOT :)<br />
<br />
Come on then please - what are the pluses?? no point in a label without is there?<br />
<br />
I soak up everyones stress and problems........SO - HOW DO WE PROTECT SELVES, IM SICK AND TIRED OF GOING ROUND FEELING STRESSED!!

please try psychic shielding it helps my empathy which is growing stronger lately as are all my gifts if you dont know how email me it's a hard life we live but nessacary to the survival of the human race namste

i dont like to call my self indigo though it may be true i am indigo, i love being ordinary person in ordinary life but my life is not easy like that i have sleep paralysis disorder, and i can smell the future and i dont like it... it like i am being curse.... i hate my self... if iam indigo i hate being indigo...

Many people throughout history have been Enlightened. People have <br />
traveled many lands to be in the presence of these wise men.<br />
However, a common misconception prominent among these followers, learning <br />
from the works of Brahma, Lao Tzu, Siddhartha, and Jesus The Christ, among <br />
others, is that there is something different about these people. <br />
It is in fact, quite to the contrary. Lao Tzu, The man who's works this <br />
writer has most closely followed, would never admit that he was different <br />
at all, he would go so far as to digress, that there is no such thing as <br />
difference, that we are all one. The idea that separation is a mere <br />
illusion, a tool of human interpretation. It is in this behavior, that the <br />
true nature of what I am here referring to as The Indigo State, is <br />
revealed.<br />
The Indigo State, is that behavioral pattern most often recognized in <br />
the so called Indigo Children. An intuitive, spiritual, philosophical <br />
understanding of ones surroundings, usually gained by either a traumatizing <br />
event in ones life that has been transcended, or a goal of coming to a <br />
deeper understanding of all things, through an apprehensive undertaking of <br />
independent universal studies. Some however, are born in the state, and <br />
continue to live in it throughout the spanning of their lifetime.<br />
This is not to suggest, however that they are in some way special or <br />
different from the rest of humanity. We live in an age where things like <br />
this are noticed increasingly more everyday, and this could be because of a <br />
rising overall consciousness, or a rising overall population. More to the <br />
point, both of the ideas that: You can define an Indigo Child according to <br />
a set of traits, and Only certain people are meant to be, or can become <br />
Indigo Children, are but mere bi products of the human interpretation of <br />
things.<br />
The truth of the matter would be somewhere closer to this: The Indigo <br />
Potential is inherent in all things, any and everyone is fully capable of <br />
gaining The Indigo State and It is entirely upon you to undertake the <br />
process of awakening into Indigo State. Trying to define a clear list of <br />
rules, upon which The Indigo Status is determined and people would either <br />
be declared with it, or without it, is impossible. Things like this, much <br />
along the same lines as questioning whether or not there is a God, are <br />
unknowable, and pondering them can lead one deeper into ones self, but can <br />
never lead one to a final, founded and provable solution.<br />
Therefore, as a way of making the Thesis Statement of this work more <br />
comprehensible, as I fear that in its fullest form this idea could take <br />
centuries to fully come to a grasp of, we come to this. The planet Earth, <br />
and all of its inhabitants are Indigo in nature. The only thing that makes <br />
The Indigo Children such a favorite among the occult and mystic, is that <br />
they recognize this and choose to live by it, and this is all anyone need <br />
do to gain this contraversal and infamous status, this Indigo State.

Many of us have indeed felt the difference of awareness between the so-called 85% (Those who do not connect with the universe) and the 15% (Those who do.) However, when one has reached a critical step along the way of enlightenment, a phrase coined by some as "Knowledge of Self," one realizes a few vitally important things. 1. It is inside every human being to be an "Indigo Child," some only actuallize quicker than others. 2. There is no specific set of traits to define an Indigo Child, that state of existence is the sub-concious goal of humanities ever expanding mind, and literally EVERYONE is capable of making that change, that step into higher being. 3. One should not claim to be an Indigo Child. The purpose of these people is to impact a peaceful philosophical, and spiritual change in humanity, and lead others to do the same. This, as we have seen in the past, is never accomplished through the proclaiming that "we know the way."<br />
This action, is an act of pride. Pride is not a virtue, but rather a vice as it can lead to disagreement, anger, and shame. Therefore, when one has truly awakened themselves into the "Indigo State" one must act with the upmost humility, for one cannot make others aware, only show them that the awareness is true, it is there, and it is where every human being sub-conciously craves to be.<br />
<br />
"When you see a swordsman, draw your sword,<br />
do not recite poetry, to one who is not a poet." --Ch'an Buddhist Proverb<br />
<br />
Sincerely Yours,<br />
A Wandering Soul With An Ever Expanding Mission

Sometimes it's hard to believe that I wrote this about three years ago. I feel like somehow referring everyone who sees this story to the newest story that I've written regarding this topic. In these three years, I've learned that things go waaaay deeper than these labels.. Perhaps I'll write another story and explain a bit more lol

I show all of those characteristics!!! I just recently discovered that I was an indigo child as well. At first, I thought I was crazy/schizophrenic, because I had a different thought process than others. Now, however, I don't feel alone or like a lunatic.

Can an indigo child see orbs and shadow people? Because they come to me as if they want to tell me something

I can identify with every single one of those characteristics.

Last summer I found out from my mother and my Chakra Flow instructor that I am an indigo. It is a very interesting life to live, but it's easy to get hurt. I happen to be an energy mover. My problem is that I take negative energy from people and let it fill me. It's not exactly a good idea but it is who I am. But, being an indigo definitely has some nice perks.

This explains my prob, I understand how you can't help but love everyone to much to a point of depression. It's all about balance. Everything will fall, fall right into place.

Undiscovered indigos who seeks conventional help often are diagnosed with 'unspecified borderline personality disorder.'

There is a great book out there called "Life's Colors",M1<br />
You can take the quizzes at the beginning of the book and find out what color you are. I found out that i was Indigo 5 years ago and it has changed my life for the better.

I am an Indigo from gamma generation. Indigos do not have to have all of these characteristics but many of them. They are also finding that Indigos, though thought to only be indigo auric, they're not. A lot if them have overlays that mask their auras.

All of us are affected by the shift in energy to a higher frequency. All of us have synergy with that same energy. It's just that "Indigo Children" have it in spades... as they resonate at that highest energy level. The rest of us get that synchronistic "buzz" as we allow our own personal energy to shift upwards...but we are always behind the big wave as we are not Indigos. Indigos, are on the crest of the surfers. Theirs is the thrill of being in that near freefall state on the face below the curl. To ride that wave is breath taking, but it is a fleeting and tenuous position there. We all are feeling it and moving closer to that energy...some more than others. But those Indigos... They're praying they don't crash! They don't wonder if...They KNOW they're Indigos. My Indigo Daughter is 22.

Blah blah blah! <br />
So you're sort of special! ????<br />
lol...i have a daughter that is an Indigo.<br />
Greetings! Hope you have been well recieved in this life. It can be quite challenging for an indigo...but if you remain true to yourself and have perserverance, you will be Happy... You can do great things for humanity, but that is not required. Don't worry! Be Happy!<br />
Be Honest and expect the same from those around you... it is not your job to fix other people's problems!

We don't have to show all of these characteristics. I find that they are most pronounced when we're surrounded by much lower vibe people and/or scenarios. <br />
<br />
For example, I don't feel a strong sense of entitlement unless someone is trying to tell me that I am NOT entitled. <br />
<br />
Regarding kids with autism and all the other "ailments," I think they are misdiagnosed by non-indigos who just don't have "Clue 1" how to communicate with those kids.

just don't waste it. please. we're here to change to world, remember?

I have all but two characteristics. I researched this a bit two, apparently there are two sides. is one, and the other is the "new age" version.<br />
Interesting topic!

I can identify with a lot of the charecteristics too!!

question: does an indigo child have to show ALL of these?<br />
<br />
I dont have any sleep disorders but I can identify a lot of the other characteristics in me.