My Story

i have been able to see events in the future sense i was in pre-k

when 9/11 happened i thought it was my fault becouse i.... i seen it coming a day befor, i thought it was my fault till i was in 3rd grade.

in fifth grade i had a dream that someone close to me would die, a week later my cousin died.

it comes in handy......... sometime but it also is scary.

2 summers ago i was i had a dream that my little brother was going to be in a wheel chair, i thought it was weird, but i didnt tell anyone. a week later im walking down the street, and this image pops in my head i stand there gazing down the street. in the vison i see my little brother being hit by a car, him flying back and slaming his head on the ground, i was scared but couldnt shake the image, the vison kept going, in the vison i ran to him and he was crying the nhe blacked out, his eyes went red, people were running to us.  at that moment i snaped out of it. i found mtself shaking and almost in tears. my little sister asked me whst was wrong. i said nothing. i ran over to my little brother telling him to get away from the street. he wouldnt listen because my mom was across the street about to cross over, just theen he bulted out across the street. i screamed no! then it happened, but it was alittle different. i cought him befor he hit the ground and it was a pairamedic that had hit him. i couldnt take it so i ran home

i didnt know what else to do.

now i am a girl scout, im in high school freshmen, and i have dreams every night. like i said its alittle scary but im learning to deal with it.

it helps alittle if you talk to some one........ some ont you cant TRUST about it.

Shanile Shanile
13-15, F
Feb 19, 2010