Creating Reality Through Constant Interaction With The Quantum Field - Sharing With You

I have been seduced by the question 'who am I' since childhood. It became my life's drive, to understand something that could not be touched, nor proven.  Lately I found this text that resonated with me so strongly, that I am eager to share that with other indigo's. Only 2 years ago I was told to be an indigo... I always liked the color, did not really know what an indigo is. Then researched it, and gradually saw many similarities with what is said about this type of personalities.

I found some strong information in the below, and based on my own experience can only agree with it fully. However, at this stage, it is more important to me to find out if there are others that share the same 'knowing'.  It would be great to find like-hearted friends here. Thank you for connecting, if you like that.

Creating Personal Reality through the constant interaction with the quantum field

At every moment, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are energetic impulses that fan-out and interact with the invisible, universal quantum field. The quantum field is nothing materially and all things potentially, and the entire Universe and all realities and dimensions are continually being born and supported from it.

And so you are completely surrounded by and saturated in the invisible quantum field ... and it is always listening to you. It is constantly reacting, adjusting, replying to you and reflecting what you are saying, thinking, believing, not believing, dreaming and feeling. It responds to the sum total of your vibrations — be they good, bad, indifferent or anything in between.

The way the quantum field responds to what you are offering it, is by forming custom-made environments — in your mind and around you in the physical world — for you to experience. You call those environments “reality” as they compose your life and all that you experience.

The ever-changing reality of your life, is something that you are continually helping to create. This happens naturally and automatically as you are a Creator.

In the sequencing of creation — the way that things and experiences emerge from the quantum field and into “reality” — it is said the internal begets the external. In other words: personal reality is largely created from the inside-out.

Furthermore, you are not an island, but are co-creating personal and group realities with other beings so that whole groups of you to can experience, share and explore the same or similar realities. Everything from heaven to hell is created and experienced in this way.

Isn't this all not interesting ? I would very much appreciate any comments, or life experiences that express the above ... In appreciation of the sharing.


Komaya Komaya
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 15, 2010

Hello DormantSpring, and evolving further on the matter, ultimately I come to the conclusion that there is no 'other' there.... and then there is no need for sharing, nor giving. Say, I am a person, my brain creates a reality based on the input of the brain. Without me that reality does not exist. If I take away thought and mind, there is only the vibration of heart... and that is what we truly are, we being 'one' being everything...<br />
from one to one, basically from myself to myself