doubtless I did it as a child but I stopped before I was two, I even tried it a couple times at the age of three but it never stuck. Than as i got older I tried it on and off but like when I was three It just never did anything for me, so its a good thing I have pacifiers. I dont know if its the texture or what it is just uncomfortable for me. anyway sorry if you read this thinking it was going to be climatic
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All l can say is that I've been a thumbsucker for all of my life. It really relaxes me and sometime I do it without even thinking. The only other people which know of my habit was my parents, they tried a number of different ways to stop me, but nothing they did worked.

I've sucked my thumb since I was born and I've never stopped :/

Same here I liked sucking a pacifier cant now cause people don't know im a teenbaby. But I like doing it but i don't like sucking my thumb.