Accepting Me

I have finally managed to accept me for me. Even if that is dealing with some random and contradicting stuff at times. I like to be in control sometimes. But other times, like now, I feel the need to be controlled. Like now, when I have my nappy, dummy, bottle and teddy. I just sometimes feel like I need a mummy or daddy. :)
BlackSpirit BlackSpirit
18-21, F
10 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I can be your daddy. and when u want to be in control I can be your baby boy

I feel the same way! Like you want a lover and a mommy/daddy

do you have any one to change you


You should always be how you feel, As long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

I know how you feel ive finally got my self nappies

I'll be your Daddy and hold you all night long. Or spank your *** if that's what you need.

well come to daddy and let me hold you

so cute

id love to be your daddy

can i nurse you to sleep