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I have lived in a small town in Oregon called jefferson my whole life.

when I was verry young, I noticed that I was always drawn towards diapers, and baby things, and always have been,

When I turned 13 I went  out and bought myself some diapers, just to see if I truly still wanted them, so i took them home, and put one on, and it was absoloute bliss.

Ever since then I have been wanting to become incontinent, and be a baby again.

when I turned 18, I started to wonder about my sexual orientation, and I am 21 now and I am still not sure wether I am gay or straight.

Turning 21, and now knowing that I am completely free to do as i please has really helped me to open up to the world, and find myself, and who I truly am.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

My baby was like that when he was young, he told me he was so screwed up and he didn't have the internet to get support.

Agree with ADL2012 liking and wearing diapers is hardwired into us, again I do not think anybody who is ABDL wants to wear and use but our wiring is slightly different to others and we have the need and desire... Do not despair there are many of us out there I hope you find what you are looking for

Life can be a confusing jumble of emotions and choices, and I think a person's orientation usually settles in during the teens and twenties, so just let yourself be free to express both sides of the equation and I believe you'll answer your own questions about who you find yourself most attracted to. Obviously, if it's both, then you're tending towards bi...<br />
<br />
As for the diapers, for some reason, I just think they end up being hardwired. Not something you can walk away from, or even hide from, though you can subvert the feelings (when it becomes necessary) for long periods of time. Again, it's best to just let yourself be free to make your own choices about what you want to wear, and not let society dictate to you what's acceptable. Not saying to shove it in anybody's face, just to go ahead and let your freak flag fly a bit...