another rant =)

as usual, i just can't let the whole INFJ thing go. I seem to always have to know more about myself and those that are like me. I found a couple websites that fit me almost to a "t" and i want to see what you guys think too. I almost seem to trust your guys opinions more than some people who are close to me hahaha!

alrighty, where to begin...? First, i love how it mentions "abstract communicating twice" (typo maybe?). It seems that whenever i have an idea i have to express it in some weird way. It might seem like i'm getting off topic, but in reality, i'm making a relationship with two seperate things out loud. anybody else do that?

I also love how it says we're "quiet leaders". I've always thought of myself as a leader, but yet i never exert it in a way that most people know as so called "leadership". The way i think of it is "if you need someone to lead, i'll lead" like i look where i'm needed. Ever feel that way?

Alrighty, look at the last 7 characteristics with bullets and you know the biggest things about me. As i said, i can't get off the INFJ subject. I JUST LOVE PERSONALITY TYPES!!! ESP, ghosts, psychic experiences, etc... love it. Philosophy and Theories? Can't get enough! AHHHHH!!!!! anybody else?!?!

Oh, my god... i just can't explain how much i feel i'm reading and autobiography as i'm going through the bolded statements in this article. I've explained myself to others in the almost EXACT same way she explains INFJ's here. The everything or nothing statement fits so well with us too. I would go into how the article fits me, but i'd basically be retyping the article... anybody else diggin the "autobiography feeling" ordeal?

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rambling IS a better word for it =p

i m 90 percent sure that i feel the same way as u did about INFJ.<br />
<br />
for the abstract communicating i guess i prefer one-on-one relationship to large group.<br />
i love philosophy and any conspiracy theory.<br />
lately i read an autobiography book of M Gandhi. I can feel that most statement of wht he said are digest very well into my mind. I feel alive and inspire by any kind of autobiography book.