Infj- The Soul That This World Needs But Does Not Want

I just joined this forum and I am happy I made this decision. This is my chance to share my thoughts with individuals that have my infj personality. Since my childhood I always received the love, care,and support from my parents. At times, it was difficult because I had the tendency to cry a lot ( and still have but can control it more). I use to always hide my thoughts and emotions to my parents and if something bad happened to me, I just didn't talked about it. In general, I believe that having just the right parents has made me the person I am today. I believe that as an infj, I have a treasure that other personalities lack. This treasure can only be found by those that are willing to take it and appreciate it. This is why we have to keep our thoughts to ourselves and share them with those we know, deserve it. We are unique in all aspects and beautiful in the inside. We just have to find our passion and live it like there is no tomorrow. We should also rejoice ourselves when we figure something that someone else did not. This contentment just adds that little spark of life to our souls. I joined this forum because I believe that we should motivate each other and share those most convoluted thoughts. Please, I would like to feel welcome to this new experience. Thank you.
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Convoluted thoughts aptly describe those of the INFJ. Because they originate with us, they're completely logical and make perfect sense, but trying to describe them to others is another matter entirely. Logic and intuition are two sides of the same coin, thus arriving at similar conclusions by opposite means. Logic is linear, (this and this follow that, ABC, 123, etc.) By putting facts and information together, an answer is reached. Intuition, our predominant characteristic, arrives at an answer FIRST, and often can't backtrack and describe HOW a solution was found. The answer appears without apparent effort, and trying to explain your reasoning to another can convey the image that your elevator doesn't exactly go to the top floor. Looks of skepticism are quite common, for me at least. I sometimes feel as though I contain a wealth of information and a powerful light that remains somehow restrained and diminished because it isn't seen. Something, that if released, would be to the benefit of a great many people. It is normal to see people and know instantly their mood, and if they're ill, and if so, what exactly it is that ails them, or a woman is pregnant and she has no idea yet, to know the thoughts of people and to spin a narrative in seconds that's incredibly accurate, to profile someone on sight, or look at someone across a room and feel a burden they carry and know its origin. Trying to convey that you know these things sounds like boastful insanity. Things such as these speak to me in a more persuasive voice than people do. Things speak all the time, it's just a matter of listening, and INFJ have an innate faculty to hear things others miss. Our radar rarely misses.

You are welcome. It is a wonderful feeling being able to truly connect. My parents were loving caring people even if as Extroverts it was like a fish trying to understand a bird in our relationship with each other. I happened to deal with my issues in a timely manner and feel that I am a pretty well-rounded individual and I also happened to find a true soul-mate early in life. Yet despite all of this finding this sight and reading all these stories about other peoples experience has made my heart fill with joy. Hearing others who speak, think, and feel as I do is a joy that few can really know. Even if I haven't known these people for more than a few days my connection with this site and it's people is beautiful to me. Perhaps it wasn't completely life altering but my out view is just a little happier today because I got to connect with others! Thank you very much and I hope you continue to connect here.