I love . . .

. . . being in comfortable silence with someone I love.

. . . Kermit the Frog.

. . . blustery days when the sky goes dark and there are creatures in the clouds.

. . . contrast.  The cosiness of the warmly lit house on a bitter cold day. The surprise of a surface appearance that belies what's underneath.

. . . finding exactly the right word and savoring it.

. . . comfy clothes, fuzzy slippers.

. . . reading in bed with my feet warm and my face cold.

. . . people who lie awake worrying about whether others have what they need.

. . . trust that's justified.

. . . things that are broken and need someone to love them.

. . . a world that has room for many kinds of people.

. . . people who live a life of conviction and principles.

. . . humility.

. . . people of tender sensibilities who handle others carefully.

. . . bookshelves, rooms full of books, tables piled with books, baskets full of books, the smell of old leather and paper, old-fashioned libraries, reading by the fire.

I hate . . .

. . . being told I will or should "get over" my shyness. My shyness is an aspect of my most fundamental character, not a disease to be cured.

. . . conversations about trivial, inconsequential things. I go straight to the heart.

. . . shallow, disposable relationships. I'm in it for the long haul and not interested otherwise.

. . . networking and schmoozing, the sort that people do to get something from others instead of to know them.

. . . people who stay up late worrying that someone might have gotten something they didn't earn or buy.

. . . short attention spans that can't accommodate an idea that takes more than ten words to express.

. . . being told to toughen up.

. . . bullies, physical or emotional.

. . . suspicion and cynicism. It makes me ill to have to harbor distrust, as if I'd swallowed poison.

. . . having my kindness used against me. Being exploited.

. . . being told I have to "sell myself," something I will never do. I don't wish to be a product.

. . . the crude culture of aggression and bragging.

. . . frat boy "humor" and stories about how drunk people were and how much (and where and when) they threw up.

. . . meanness of spirit and thoughtless cruelty.

. . . the kind of emotional insensitivity that hurts others and doesn't even notice.
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I'm copying this. I love it. Thank you.

i agree completely

Sigh . . . loved this. It was delightful to read your "loves" and agree with and appreciate them - and honestly, it was also delightful to read your "hates" and savor the thought that there are indeed other people like you out there who despise superficiality and cruelty, and who don't like having to "market" themselves.

Well Said.

all of this is so true... and reading this<br />
"people who stay up late worrying that someone might have gotten something they didn't earn or buy."<br />
<br />
ugh it made my skin crawl. I despise that.

love your loves, and the hates I so can relate to. I love dark stormy blustery days and especially books, the smell, look and feel of them. Also the surprises inside which I find while wrapped in cozy socks and under my favorite ancient blanket with a hot cup of my favorite tea with honey. Big old picture windows with views of nature and trees to sooth my soul. I love harmony and when others are at dis-harmony, I actually feel physically ill. I also am a feeder-I over feed everyone. Since I was very young I've always had the fattest pets of anyone I knew, I always tried to feed anyone who came to our house, even the repair man. I packed my dad's lunch box when I was a child and he would always come home and ask me to please not pack him so much. I feed my own husband and kids now and they always put half their food back. Anyone else a feeder? I could go on, and mybe will later. Now I am wrapped up and cozy and sleepy. Night night, everyone!

Beautifully written, I can definately relate to these, more so as I have got older and allowed my self to accept that I am "different" and allowed myself to see my "differences" as strengths

thumbs up =}

I completly agree. Especially hating when people say to toughen up...

The stories I tell my daughter at bedtime are from the "love" list. And the real world I face is what you have written in the "hate" list

Wow... what a great list. Almost what I would have written word for word.

I would make a post that simply consisted of "yes" typed a million times, but that would be superfluous, wouldn't it?<br />
<br />
"being in comfortable silence with someone I love", "blustery days when the sky goes dark and there are creatures in the clouds", "finding exactly the right word and savoring it", "bookshelves, rooms full of books", "being told I will or should "get over" my shyness", I'll stop here or else I'll end up copy-pasting the entire list. These are so,<br />
<br />
A breath of fresh air. I read these and felt like I had written them myself. <br />
<br />
Thank you.

I agree completely.

I completely identify with this

Beautifully written!

Yep I agree 100%

I concur

To make this list mine, I wouldn't add or omit one point. Well-summed and -thought out. Huge amounts of concurrence from me. :)

*nods* Thank you. : 1

i connect with this list. it could have easily been my own words. thank you for shareing.

Well said and very much understood. :)