Looking For Infj Friends

I am an INFJ, But i never had any INFJ friends. It would be great to know some and exchange advice and expericence with...
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I'm usually good at giving advice. I can tell people what they need to listen, even if it's not good, in a way that's easier for them to accept.<br />
However, I was not born this way. We get better as we get older (I'm 31 now). Also, you get better at identifying compatible friends. But you know, in the end, us INFJs do not need that many. We are happy with a few, but deep friendships. We only have to get out of the cave and reach out for them (I do not know about you, but my cave is very cosy) :-) <br />
One thing I noticed though: I cannot take advice as easily as I give :-S<br />
I wonder if I'm too proud. Generally, I feel like people do not give me the appropriate advice because they don't get where I'm coming from (and it's always from a strange place ahaha). In the end, I always figure things out by myself...

I agree. It's hard to find people who can understand us. Generally when I open up to someone I trust, I end up feeling hurt and abandoned. I'm not emo but sometimes I feel like an alien on a far away planet and I've been dropped here for some strange science experiment gone wrong. (I'm sure you understand). I don't think I've ever met an infj before, I seem to make friends with talkative "I-want-to-tell-you-all-my-problems" people but they don't do the same for me. I'm not complaining. In a small way I'm flattered I can make them feel better. Still, there is a small voice inside me that wishes they could do the same for me- if you know what I mean.

Hi: I'm an INFJ and I run an INFJ group on Facebook called INFJ Chill Space. If you're on FB look us up! If you'd like I could post a link here as well. *Finally* finding people & making friends that "get it" has been priceless! :-)

do you ever wish you could say what your really thinking to a friend and not worry about becoming friendless/ tottally misunderstood afterwards? me too. the closest ive come to is a friend who.im convinced is just braindead. she doesnt have much of a response to anyone! lol

I totally agree, sometimes people just misunderstand what I am saying or what I am doing. I always understand other people every well but nobody never understands me. People try to understand me, but they always get a wrong impression.
do you also feel the same?
But i guess that is the part of being an INFJ the rarest type among people,