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Just Me!!((:

Maybe This Isn't The Best Way To Begin My Story Or Maybe Not The Most Intresting One But This Is What I Feel And This Is How I'll Go...

I'm An INFJ No Fancy Intro, Just A Simple Fact. Life Isn't Always Easy Specialy The Everyday Judgement From My Family. You See That Actually What Happens When You're An Introvert In A Family Of Extrovert. They Point Out How Different And Not Normal You Are, And I Know They Only Do It Cause They Love Me But I'm Not Sure They Realize I'm Happy With The Inperfetion In My Life. I'm Happy About The Fact I'm Not A Copy Of Everyone Else..

On My Everyday Life I Encounter 3 Different Types Of People The One's Who Pick Point Me And Can't Stand Me, The Ones Who Absolutely Adore Me, And The One's Who Stand In Between.

The People Who Pick Point Me Are The Ones Who Like My Brother Think I'm A Freak, An Un Cool Loner, Spoild Brat Who Thinks She's Too Good For People, A Nerd, A Suckup And List Of Other Things. The Ones Who Only See Me 'Walking Away' Persay The Ones Who Never See Me Socialising With Most People Or When They Do I Socialice With The Weirdos. But The Reality Of It Is They Simpley Don't Know Me Don't Understand Me And How I Work.

Then Theirs Does Who Fall In 'Between' And Does Are The Ones Who Got Close Enough To Know About Me And How I Work But Never Tried To Understand Why. The Ones Who Know What I Do But Can't Get Past My Secretsi And Say That Theirs More Behind What I Show. The Ones Who Simpley Just Can't Choose A Side.

Then Theirs The People Who Absolutely Adore Me. Those Are The People Who Made It Past What Everyone Thinks Is Wrong With Me And Realized That Does Things Are My Strength Does That Say I'm Of The Nicest Person Ever, That I'm Loyal And Caring And This And This And That In General The Ones That Think Highly Of Me...

And At The Very End Of The Day After All The Critism On One Side And The Love On The Other Theirs Me. The One Who Truly Knows Me The One Who Believes Non Of The Sides Above The One Who Docen't Consider Herself Nice But Rather Considers Herself Selfish Because Solving Everyone Elses Problem Isn't Just A Way To Help Them It Gives Me 'Power' So To Speak Is Like A Game Of Chess It Give Me A Challenge I Don't Gossip Because Is Not Right Not Because I'm Nice. I Figure Things Out Because It Comes Natural To Me Not Because I'm Smart. I'm Honest Simpley Cause I Don't Like Being Lied To. I Stick By My People Because I Love Them. I Like To Be Alone Because Is Easier For Me. I'm Not Shy I'm Not A Loner, I'm Not Socially Awkward In Fact On The Ocassions I'm Feeling Social I'll Actually Be The Life Of The Party. I'm Not Strong Because I Can Hold All Does Things In I'm Weak Because I Can't Let My Pain Out.

I'm Not Really Sure Where I Stand I Just Know That I Take Great Honor In Knowing That People Trust Me Enough To Tell Me The Things They Don't Tell Most, That They Think Highly Of Me Enough To Turn To Me With Their Problems. I Simpley Enjoy The Feeling Of Going To Bed At Night Knowing That Someones Day Might Have Been Better Because They Trusted Me To Help Them And The Fact Being An INFJ Helps Me Do That Makes Me Withstand Everything Else That Comes With It.
LaGitana97 LaGitana97 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 31, 2012

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You also write alot of capital letters :P

Yes Sir I Do!!((:

:) . You do write well typical skills of an INFJ.

In my opinion there was to be a balance in life, You are what you are but there is always room for improvement. We all should work on our weak points especially letting the pain out because in-spite of how strong we believe in our strength there is time when all of us need help and we must be brave enough to call for it and most importantly be open to it.

Thanks Lazyangel And Trust Me I've Been Striving For Balance For A Very Long Time But I've Found That Is Difficult To Fully Find It When A Part Of You That's Important Is Just Gone From You're Memory.

Gone from memory ?

Well I Have No Memories Of Pretty Much Anything That Happened Before I Was Nine I Wrote A Story About It A While Back And The Way I Kind Of Think Of Is That The Key To You're Future Relies In You're Past And Is Impossible To Find It If You Can't Remember..

I believe many people don't remember before they were 9. Then there is different types of things that people remember. I for instance remember the smallest things about people and yet i forget their names lol

I Only Remember Very Little Things And In Non Of Them Anyone But My Godparents Are Involved And Is Not Even A Full Memory Just Like A Small Part Like A Smile Or Feeling That's It Everything And Everyone Else Is Kind Of Just Forgotten... As Forgetting Names Is No Biggie It Happens To Me All The Time By Now My Friends Are Used To It Because Even Though I Never Recall Names I Remember The Smallest Detail In The Things They Tell Me Is Kind Of A Joke Among Us Now!!:P

Maybe you will remember things when you grow older :P

I Hope So!!((:

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