So, I took this test for school and I expected it to be as ridiculous as anything, but shockingly, it described exactly what is my personality. I read the descriptions and I started laughing by the time I got to "they choose friends carefully knowing of the treachery in the hearts of mortals." XD lol, I was thinking, this is just flattery now. And I DO actually want to be a counselor! That was the most unexpected result, I thought I would end up with a load of crap jobs, though I do hate nearly all jobs. Except counseling! And the test knew that! It also said "INFJ's may be so absorbed in intuitive perception that they become oblivious to physical reality" and they are susceptable to emotions and rely a lot on intuition. That's true too! Those are my faults! Even the thing about relationships was kinda true, though i haven't been in relationships, I know that's what I would do (that's so totally something an infj would say.) :) This pleasantly surprised me and made me laugh. I never thought a test could ever possibily express one true thing about me. Man, everybody should take this test, it's the real deal. I encourage other people to take it too, at least for the entertainment, or it might be an actual descrisption of their personality. I do have to wonder why my Biology teacher would assign us to all take this test and turn in a worksheet on it, that is suspicous (which yet again is exactly what an infj would say!) Lol, I enjoyed taking this test, and the results were very entertaining. :)
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When I first took the Meyer-briggs test I was was also amazed when I reliesed that INFJ definatley described by personality! It was like, finally someone understands me and my thought processes. :)


What kind of test is this? Maybe I should take too. I have done some career test lately and it gave me some very good information about myself. These tests are strangely helpful and enlightening.

It's called the Jung Typology Test, and you answer 72 yes or no questions on it, and it tells you about your personality and suggests some occupations you might like. You can just search for it, it's online.

thats so true about me, i do become oblivious to reality

Yeah, but it isn't one of the worst problems a person can have. Some people become oblivious to reality by making frivilous things like their job and the tiny section of earth they live in become all they know. I'm the opposite though, I look nothing but the big picture until I realize how tiny all of this is. Who's to say what reality is anyway? We are a piece of dust in a universe after all.

Again, you captured my soul. When I think like this, i just want to live and act out anyway i want and not ever feel pressure to conform to social rules. We are so tiny compared to everything that is out there unknown. I feel humans are so lost the only way to feel real is to control or create hierarchies to self-proclaim their worthiness.

I also wonder, for people like us- i feel it complicated to imagine myself in a relationship with another person.