Calling Fellow Infjs.

Infjs are said to be very special people. I took the tests a number of times to see where i could be sure i would lye. Infj will stay my results. I am also even brained. Meaning im not left nor right but both. Ive never knowingly met another infj. I imagine they would be similar in key ways but also be completely different from myself. Being an infj has made me see things in such a different realm its almost scary. My main question is why. Why me? This will never be a bad thing. But i just want to kno what others feel being an infj means to them. To me its a sense of relief. Part of me understands why im so misunderstood. But the other part of me feels that there is so much more that i am just time away from discovering.
SoldierFromAbove SoldierFromAbove
1 Response May 11, 2012

i can relate when you say it is a sense of relief. <br />
and there will always be so much more discover.