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I have always thought that i didn't really fitted into the social and fun-crazy life. I feel uncomfortable, out-cast and sometimes sick after i have been with a large number of people for a long time. Mostly, I usually hang out with two people at most. I can't stand criticism and i always want to help people, even if i have this usual feeling of them being cheeky and mean. I always get it when i met people, in the streets or at school. I can talk a lot sometimes, but i never tell my friends my secret, except for my close friends which is just like two. i have a hard time fitting into the social life since i can't stand huge occasions, but i also badly want to hang out with them. But then, after a long time, i get uncomfortable and you know what happens then afterwards.
i also get the feeling of deja vu at times in places i have never been to, but only seen in my dreams. I know that my so-called friends and my parents think i am strange, and i can accept that. I know that people don't believe what i have in my mind such as "I know that this guy/girl is cheeky and lying too at the same time" and they won't even try to understand me. I researched on my own personality and i found out that INFJs are about only 1.5% of the entire population; 1 of us in one hundred. Well, as i was typing this down, i feel glad that at least that i joined this experience project; knowing that there will be at least some that will understand me.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I always felt different from the rest of my family and was told that I was 'imagining things' when I told them I knew someone didn't like me. Don't ignore the feelings - while it could be that you are writing someone off too soon, it could also be that you are correct. I recently met someone and had a really bad feeling about them, and within two weeks they not only tried to stab me in the back but humiliated a co worker in front of everyone.<br />
I do feel that I go through life not being understood, or misunderstood. It's hard to find safe people that you can trust, but the nice thing is that we are like that - very trustworthy.