Infj To The Core

well, I don't know what my story is.
I'm an INFJ and I always have been. My stories are sordid and some are interesting, some are not.
I've had my challenges and I've had my strife.
I've had my good and bad times
I've been trucking along and here I am.
I actually quite glad I managed to find myself here.
I just managed to pull myself out of a relationship of two years that was going nowhere. I had known this for awhile, but I was having a hard time bringing things to an end, and my partner was very co-dependent so it didn't make things much easier. Still she is a sweet girl and I hope the best for her in the future.
But now I am turning to my life and path and I have landed here quite by accident. I look forward to what I will find here. I see that there are several others here who have shared similar bizarre experiences so already I'm feeling at home.
If anyone has questions feel free to ask, because I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to put here!

Pann88 Pann88
22-25, F
Jun 26, 2012