INFJs In A Nutshell

UPDATE: So every several days, some of the pics that I posted here, keep disappearing. I have no idea what's happening, but it really drives me crazy. EP Gremlins or what???

I find these pics really cool.

Look at this:

And this:



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I am a INTJ.

Where did you find the pics ?

I can relate to many of them.


Well, INTJs have a lot in common with INFJs. The only difference is that you are thinkers, while we are feelers. I found the pics on the Internet, you just need to google something like 'INTJ pics' and you will probably find many of them. But I can see 2 of the pics I posted here, disappeared again! It keeps happening all the time, I don't know why *sigh*

Great pics!

Oh my gaw! You found the picture of me holding a bazooka!!!


Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated :)

I love it! Amazing!

This is amazing! I can completely relate, to all of those. :P

What is INFJ?

It is one of 16 personality types, the letters meaning introversion, intuition, feeling and judging.

Very interesting? So what am I?

No idea :) I don't know you. But you can do a questionnaire on and find out. Let me know if you do!

you have to take a personality test

1 More Response added more! Yippee!!

Yep! I thought I had to do us, INFJs, more justice. We're quite multi-layered, after all, hehe

Thank you all for the comments. I really appreciate them :)

I.<3. Beautiful!

Beautiful !!

Awesome! Loved the pics :)

Neat :) I am not one, but just from being fortunate enough to know a few ;) , I can see that this is right on. And just love the beautiful images here.

You are an INFP, right? That's why we've always understood each other so well, we're very similar :)

I am, and we sure are :)

Wow!!!! Perfect!

Sure am!

So true:) especially the "dont ask them how they do it. Even they dont know" :)