Prophet Is What I Am

Ive always been different and I knew it. My mom hated me so that def sucked to be this loving person living with a tyrant. I feel spirits and was at one point often attacked in my sleep. I have God now so he protects me. God speaks to me through the bible like a conversation. I get things on a whole nother' level and dont understand why. I don;t have any friends and one friend I did have said that I thought that I was the guru of knowledge because I guess I understand like quicker or better than she does. She is in school to be a psychologist so I guess we no longer can be friends if I dont dumb myself down. I have realized suddenly that for some reason the ppl i love was competing with me and was jealous of me. Why idky!!.. I suffer much because I am so sensitive which God is trying to purge out of me. We are trying to release this bitterness of being there every step of the way for ppl only for them to in turn show disloyalty. My husband is great to me though, thats what i do have on this earth and my 5 kids.. I recently found out that I am on INFJ and I love it. its me..its all me!!....I actually dont care to actually interact with spirits as the good will come with bad. I do like to interact with God though and that is it. The other night the holy spirit engulfed me and freaked me out. Since then I have been on this journey to fly and go where ever God will take me. No limitations on my life what so ever!!! I have a 5 year old who I think is just like me and a 1 year old who is attacked often of which i usually have to anoint his head because of these so called night terrors that aren't night terrors. It simply happens because Im with God.. On top of that I feel like he is messed with because to be 1 1/2 years old he is what I honestly think is a genius I think God got something special for him, I really do. Calling all prophets I would love to find more ppl like me!!!
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I'm an infj too and have also had prophetic dreams... but right now I am going through a state of depression. My life is sad and lonely. I really wish I was never born. I think often of death. I love God but I believe that I will be staying home and watching church on TV. People are to painful to be around by choice. Sometimes I think about sitting on top of a great mountain and just looking down at the world from a distant.

I'm an INTJ, pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you also :) ..thats funny that I like migrated to you my very first day on this network...#strange

I think this site is all about coincidence and chance. Or, maybe there are greater forces at work lol, who am I to say. I took the Briggs and Myers test back in the 80's and couldn't believe the results. They were right on.

I recently took it. I had know idea it existed.. I took it because God told me to change somethings about me.. So me being me I over react and thought he was talking about everything. So I originally took the test to see who I am and what he was talking about. Got some insight. I'm still in the whirl wind of things and haven't changed anything but it intrigued me from then on I started searching for more ppl like me. I'm not alone nor am I a

LOLOLOL... no, you're totally not alone nor are you a lunatic. I took the test while I was in psychotherapy because I totally had to change things about myself, I had to overhaul my entire personality because my life simply wasn't working. Ironically, my doctor was an ordained minister and did in fact, have the calling. He never forced religion on anyone but he did have a very firm belief system and at the time I appreciated that. I was at odds with the world, depressed and drinking heavily.

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