Infjs And Esp: Are We Crazy Or Are We Like Some Kind Of X-men?

Really curious to get some thoughts from other INFJ's out there on this.

I'll start with myself. I'm an agnostic spiritualist. I love reading about any and all religions, and I frequent churches, synagogues, temples, and when a can, a few mosques. While I believe my personal beliefs align with paganism, I can't help but approach religion academically. It's fascinating to read and to know, but whether or not I have that 'faith gene'.. is debatable.

Though I'm the pagan one, my christian co workers are possibly more spiritual than I. Not to sound condescending, but I interpret a lot of what they say as false readings. They make all kinds of claims about moving energy here or there, 'feeling' other people, and waving crystals around. 

Simultaneously I know I shouldn't knock them because I too have had ...experiences. I can inexplicably sync up with very close friends or pets. I don't consider it to be a psychic connection, but I often know what people and animals are thinking before they declare it or react. My best friend (a fellow co worker) and I have synced up so well, we work on design projects but rarely dialogue. We just intuitively know what the other one wants done. We show up in the same places without planning it, because we just know the other person will arrive shortly. I've been accused of being a 'horse whisperer ' because I ride my horse bare back and bridle-less around our farm and out in public, but really, ... it's just an elementary connection for me. I get we INFJs can make unusual (but cool) connections. So I was testing the waters with my new INFJ friend the other day...and um.. sent him a bump.

Please don't laugh, or judge, this is difficult for me to verbalize. I don't know if I just have an overactive imagination, or if what I feel is actually legitimate. But I can 'call people' to me, without a phone. Many times, it works. What I call a 'bump' .... I focus on that person and visualize them clearly in my minds eye. I can clearly see in my minds eye sending them a blast of air, my favorite element. A bump. A friendly nudge. I figured, oh, well if he's a real INFJ, he'll get that. Instantaneously after that I felt blasted by something. I got very dizzy just sitting in my computer chair, it actually felt for a second like I was in a small collision. Not kidding, just randomly got dizzy and about fell out of my chair. Could have been my imagination, but for a second I didn't feel like I was the only one in my apartment. Or like some way I had been violated.

Next day I get a text from my new INFJ friend. Asking very awkwardly if I had sent him any 'energy' last night, ...and if I got what he sent back.

Oh man. Heebie jeebies. This is an experience I just can't rationalize. I feel even more alien or crazy just admitting this. What do you INFJ's think? Has this happened to you guys before? I would be thrilled/ so relieved/ confused. :P What are the scientific possibilities here? Could our brains/ bodies emit waves of energy that we simply haven't measured detected yet? Or is there some big guy upstairs controlling an all power switch board? Maybe I do have an over active imagination. Open to anything. Very shy about opening up about this, please be kind.

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I am an INFJ to and I have done stuff simular to this before. I know what people think before thwy say it. It freaks some people out.

i'm a 26 year old man. :P

Very cool experience! Check out noetic science. Thoughts have been measured. When those thought energies are combined with emotion, a very powerful force is generated. Put together like minded people, using the same emotion, and focusing the same thought an exponential force is created.
"Where two meet in my name I AM there." "With God, All is possible (or achieved.)" Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. God is love.
And faith is tricky. Go with your gut. =)
Personally, I say to follow or lead with whatever spirituality aligns with your moral standards and feels right. All of our energies are connected. Be alert, though, and you may want to put up your 3rd eye shields to let in only that which you want let in.

I'll start by saying that God is too large for one religion. You aren't crazy. In fact you probably knew I would respond to this. I read your last passage but you didn't go into the intricate detail like you did in this one. Kudos to you. 46&2; The title references an idea first conceived by Carl Jung and later expounded upon by Drunvalo Melchizedek concerning the possibility of reaching a state of evolution at which the body would have two more than the normal 46 total chromosomes and leave a currently disharmonious state.[3][4] The premise is that humans would deviate from the current state of human DNA which contains 44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes. The next step of evolution would likely result in human DNA being reorganized into 46 and 2 chromosomes, according to Melchizedek. Furthermore, a wish to experience change through the "shadow"; an idea which represents the parts of one's personality that one hates and fears, which also exists as a recurring theme in the work of Carl Jung. We are the old souls. So if you ask me it would only make sense to let the older ones have the most advanced vessel to travel the earth. You know who I am and I am sorry for sending you such a strong signal. If I do it again I will try and be more easy. I'm so glad to know that we are not alone......~pete~

No you are not crazy. This is not as unusual as you may think but many of us chalk it up to one of many extra abilities. I am a fire element and I have a massive amount of kinetic energy that tends to have problems agreeing with me, especially while angry. I bet you have an excellent connection with not just horses but dogs too. I think that you are exceptionally gifted; and you may have a good theory about the tie to the INFJ personality type. It is definitely something i would continue researching. I also think it has a tie to your sign. If you are an Aquarian, Gemini, or Libra...or have that as a rising would make sense why that element is what you naturally have a love for. I think that has an interesting tie in. I would suggest having your astrological charts may be surprised. I am an INFJ catalyst personality and I am almost perfectly balanced in my charts through planetary alignment. I am a Leo and its element is fire and the Sun, which is why electricity is my conduit.

Weird things happen to me all the time, through a plethora of esp gifts. So do not link your gifts to losing your mind. Sometimes my friends call me complaining that I shouldnt think so hard about them..they felt like their blood was boiling. ;)

Interesting. You've given me two things to think about. As an INFJ, it's typicall easy for me to size a person up and know all I need to know about them within a short amount of time, but what you're actually describing here I've only actually experienced with one other person. I have a friend who lives several states away and there have been times when suddenly, I've "felt" them. It's almost as if they were standing beside me. It's hard to describe, but it's almost as if their presence has invaded my body. It's almost overwhelming the range of emotions that flood me when this happens.

I got one of these feelings one day when I was driving and I actually had to pull off the road because I was shaking and didn't feel safe to drive any further. I found out later that this person had been conciously sending me a "message" and it apparently worked!

The other thing you've caused me to think about is how my INFJ-ness affects my religious life. I was raised in a very strict, Christian household. Yet, I'm an agnostic at best. Because of the way I was raised, it's hard for me to contemplate a "higher being" without feeling guilty about having doubts. But as for God, or any kind of higher power, I guess I just don't care one way or another. If I die, and that's it for me, I'm ok with that. I'm not having very much fun in this life anyway.

I've never had anything like that specifically. but I have had experiences that don't make sense within the realms of traditional science and that I've never really been able to fully rationalize.

The mind is a most powerful thing. as they say we only use les then 10%. so being IN TUNE with things and people in what everyone calls a wierd, or unnatural way is just you being able to use your senses more then others. The Third Eye or The Hidden Vail as known to some. You seem to be very intelligent and I would say very sensitive to as you have these abilities for lack of another word. We are all born with the gift but most lose it in the growing process as we are filled with all the things of the so called normal world and we are told we need to know and what others deem as real and unreal. Somethings are scientific in it all but I believe that there are forces that whatever you name them are always at work and we can be conduits to them and other extra sensory perceptions if we just open our minds to them.
I don't think you have an over active imagination. I think you can tap into something that you don't fully inderstand yet and know how to deal with it at the moment.