Meeting Another Infj

I am brand new to this site and I love it! I've never felt so connected to people before. My whole life I've felt alone and could never really understand why. When I was younger I made all my best friends and still have them now but I am having so much trouble getting close to new people now-a-days. I can make a bunch of superficial "iffy" friends that I can hang out with, but I can never get that close to them because I feel like most people are so superficial and I can never really relate to them. But after reading everything about what my fellow INFJ's have to say! It's incredible. I feel like I can say "WE" with passion and unity. We all think alike, we are all incredibly special and gifted. We are all rare things. Most people don't get us, and don't understand us. After finding out that I was an INFJ, I've wanted to meet another now that I know that there's a name for it. I'm sure I have, but we can be like shadows sometimes. I wonder how much we would click. Do INFJ's make good friends with each other? How do you guys think is the best way to meet another INFJ?
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Any INFJ'S in New Zealand or am I the only one? Feels like it sometimes! I'm about to make a big change because I realize the vision is more important than the paycheck.

I think INFJs make awesome friends, because even if one of you slips away for a little while, you know the friendship will pick up right where it left off. One of the hardest things for other types to understand is that it's OK to let an INFJ leave. When a relationship gets interrupted, we have this weird ability to internalize and maintain them, usually they're even stronger when we reconnect. Who knew?

Nice to read your letters. What do you mean when you said " was an INFJ"? The best way to find INFJ is going to their own forums!! I don't know how about the other INFJ, personally I can make connections easily but I also put limitation for any connection. Never let anyone close to me. Friend is a hard word. I usually know how people are and even their life will be when I first meet them. I think that is the reason keeps me hard to understand for the others. I am not really interested in new contacts.

I am very new too :) I haven't actually engaged in conversation with anyone here yet, but I love reading the things people put on here. I feel so much less of a freak now. It's so comforting for me to know that people actually think and behave like me. It's amazing :)

You just met some.. : )