What Do You Think The Animal Of Infj Is?

I heard of dolphins but I feel like they are just too happy to be INFJ's. We seem to be loners and strugglers :( I feel a bit darker in my mind. Yes, fitting to infj's I'm incredibly kind to everyone, sometimes to where it's detrimental to me. But in my head I sometimes feel... sharp, a little cold, like a predator. It's a very strange feeling because I never outwardly act like it. So I don't think dolphins fit. What do you guys think?
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Turtle or owls.

I think dolfins may be pretty accurate indeed! Please consider the following:
Dolphins can be violent. Not only have they been known to kill and maim their own young, they also kill porpoises and play with their dead carcass for no apparent reason other than its fun. Male dolphins particularly show aggression towards human males when there’s a female involved. Why? Sexual competition. They may also drown your wife while attempting to steal her away and mate with her. In 2002 CNN reported that an amorous dolphin was targeting swimmers in Weymouth, England. Swimmers were being warned to stay away from the dolphin because “When dolphins get sexually excited, they try to isolate a swimmer, normally female. They do this by circling around the individual and gradually move them away from the beach, boat or crowd of people.” When dolphins get sexually aroused, they become rough. The swimmer may not be able to escape from the 400 lbs animal and drown. And in 1994, a male Bottlenose off the coast of San Paolo, Brazil, that was noted to be fond of female human swimmers attacked a pair of human males that the dolphin apparently considered to be competition and killed one of them. (Source): CNN World

Wolf maybe... They tend to be secretive even if you know one. Theyre often misunderstood. They can be social but they some time alone. They are pack animals but they still retain their individuality. It can be extremely hard or even impossible to get it to open up. They avoid conflict prefering to only get involved when their values or someone they care about is threatened. They are fiercily loyal to the ones they care about. They are usually quiet(some). Im thinking more of the artic wolf which is rare and is often seen alone. But idk know for sure... Im an INFJ and i think certain wolves relate to me... Either way everyone is different.

I would compare INFJs to vultures. It sounds negative but allow me to explain. They are associated with dark things and they look kinda scary and deadly, but they aren't really. They live in close groups of similar beings. They scavenge for food on their own. They have very little in terms of vocalization, so they are like INFJs who speak quietly. People often complain to me about how I speak "low" by which they mean that I mumble things quietly. Vultures are awkward on the ground and they have a difficult take-off but once they are in the air they glide gracefully in a way that seems effortless. They seem kind of intuitive as well in terms of how they find their food because they have such strong senses that they can easily zero in on meals. This reminds me of the intuitive nature of an INFJ. Vultures are leaders in their own quiet way as they are often the first on the scene due to their unbelievable senses, but they are also somewhat of outcasts. Misunderstood, but also useful. They are very unique. I think vultures are fascinating, so I don't think i'd mind being associated with one.

My best friend once told me I was a deer, and I don't think it needs much explanation. They're quiet but look as though they think about almost everything. They have a peaceful, sensitive, introverted atmosphere but can strike with the antlers when they are pushed too hard. Their antlers also provide a symbol for a great depth of personality —intricate and complex thoughts collide with each other above their heads. In my opinion, it's perfect. (Except maybe for the fact that she said I was still a young fawn.)

I think that maybe that's just it. We're animals. Not any animal in particular but just animals. INFJs are said to have possible intuitive powers and are very self-aware. And are animals not the same? I think maybe dolphins are often asosciated with us as they seem to have great soul and can often connect with or affect others strongly, but in reality all animals are truly interconnected with their suroundings.INFJs are the most rare of all the combonations. The way I sometimes see it is as if everyone else was placed into a group and we were kind of the miscelanious.(Excuse the dislexia) put together cause no one could really box us up nicely and tie a ribbon around. So if we're all different but all have the commonality of refined energy why can't we all be out own animal. Personally I feel a connection to ostrich. They're bold and meaty, just like my mind, but can cut themselves off from their suroundings without actually leaving by simply sticking their heads in the sand. You are what you are man and as great as the unity of INFJs is don't feel we have to all be the same. Embrace your ability to be an other.

I don`t know what dolphins think, but I do know they are quite happy to kill a shark if need be...!

So...short answer. No, dolphins are too happy. lol

I feel the EXACT same way. Especially when I feel like people are trying to manipulate me or take advantage of my kindness (which happens A LOT). The thing is, I'm (we're) very intuitive and people would be surprised if they knew how much I actually knew. The craziest thing is...even when I KNOW for a fact that I'm being used or taken advantage of, I often hide it from the person doing it. I hide a lot of things, because I find myself making justifications for the other prson.