Someone To Be Open With

Are there any fellow INFJs here who would like to become online pen pals?
Maybe we could post our e-mails on here and become friends if it's not just me.
I'm alone most of the time, and I love it. But there are also lots of moments here and there when I just crave human interaction. I have lots of things to say for an introvert, but I would also want to hear just as much from you. I want to get to know the lives of other people, from whatever walk of life he/she comes from. :)
Maybe we could surprise each other with e-mails if other people are up to it?
pearanoid pearanoid
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

oh pick me pick me : ) Thrilled to have another INFJ buddy

Hi there.I also love to be alone but everyone needs people.So,I'm here if you want to talk.:)

Hello! Thank you for the offer. I'll try to message you some time then. :)

Hi Lorenzo :-) (I assume that's your name from your email address?) I imagine you likely have an FB account? If you're interested in a group, search for "INFJ Chill Space" and request to be added. It's predominantly (but not exclusively) INFJ's from all over the world including some around your age. It's a closed group so only other group members can see what you post ;-)

Wow, thanks! I really appreciate it. :) And I'll check it out soon.

You're welcome hon! And I saw your request and added you, so you're in now :-)