Does anyone else just feel absolutely enraged by the general population? The amount of absurd stupidity that I have seen in so many people is getting hard to take.

For example:

I see so many people doing the ALS Ice bucket challenge, without donating, without knowing what the disease is, and calling themselves humanitarians for it. People declaring their hope in humanity reborn although it's all self promotion and aggrandization.

The people who are actually donating and spreading the word have my heart.

The people who are simply posting videos of themselves on facebook, declaring their empty sainthood, have my hatred.

Housing the conflicting views of a cynic and a humanitarian is a strange feeling.

A large part of me wants to save the world; however, a small part would watch it burn...
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"Housing the conflicting views of a cynic and a humanitarian is a strange feeling". You just summed up one of my biggest experiences with being an INFJ. Thank you.

Darling the amount of stupidity in the world is just draining. I'd like to go around and slap a few people in the faces many nations them self's act like children. I completely agree with you :) I want to save the world to save the people but sometimes lot's of times I feel like people don't deserve saving because they are just horrible creatures I don't even know how I can be a human.

Either donate OR get the ice water . . .

Tell me, are the people with leu gehrig's disease benefiting from thousands of people pouring cold water on themselves? No, they benefit from the donations that go towards research. The campaign is flawed. Don't pretend that you are being selfless by bathing your head in ice water... it's foolish.

I agree