Newbie a Bit Confused

So, I'm an INFJ. I've felt the outcast for some time, and overthinking it to death. Besides being in a 1% personality group I'm also schizophrenic, which is, coincidentially, 1% of the human population. But, I'm an 'odd' schiz in that I have it together pretty well as long as I take my meds and I always take my meds.

It occurred to me many times over the years(I'm 55 y.o.)that I have a mental illness due to my sensitivity to other people and the chaos that is this world as we know it. I keep to myself as much as I can because I pick up on so much crap out there. My husband and I get along great, he's also introverted though an INSJ.

To give an idea of my sensitivity, about 10 years ago a friend of a friend passed away. My friend was very broken up about her death. I gave him a comforting hug and immediately my body hurt where he had touched me and I was in a state of grief and confusion. This lasted until early the next day. I'm very careful now who I touch.

It's said  we don't like injustices and/or to see others hurt, so sometimes I'll rant at the TV after a news story I find disturbing. Of course I know no one save my husband can hear what I'm saying, I just do it to blow off steam. Please tell me some of you do it, too?


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I'm INFJ type too, and my uncle and my grandmother have schizophrenia. Knowing that and knowing that in some traditional cultures schizophrenics were considered as being psychics/shamans experiencing an expanded state of awareness instead of being considered ill, I wonder if there is any connection between INFJ personality and schizophrenia/shamanism? I have some quite uncommon psychic abilities, too.

I've never had a physical sensation from a person's emotions, but I do pick them up without even trying. I have seen someone walking away and asked, "What's wrong with ___?" Turns out she had a miscarriage. I just felt it. Sometimes I know what people are thinking, too, but usually it's just the sensitivity to emotional nuances. That's probably why I have to take medication for depression for the rest of my life. What a gift/curse!

I rant at the t.v. often. :) It does feel good to blow off steam. I had a teacher last year that described the skin on her arms as burning/hurting when she watched the news, it sounds similiar to what you said about hugging your friend. (I don't know my teacher's type.) I usually avoid the news, it makes my heart hurt. Just remember that 1% of a big number is still a big number, we're never completely alone. :) Peace.

I hate watching the news!!<br />
I'm a psych nurse and have dealt with some schizo's that are really, really sick.. It's awful. Good for you for taking care of yourself.<br />
May I suggest you write a book? <br />
I think it would be an amazing thing for anyone, even doctors to read. You could explain things like the story you related here and give the world a glimpse into your world. As many will never know what goes on in the mind of a schizophrenic. <br />
Keep writing and god bless