A Story Of Change In Japan

 Well now I see why I'm so weird! Haha :)

My story starts at the start of 2008 when I went to Japan. Japan changed me so much. Before Japan I don't think I was an INFJ. I did enjoy being on my ownsome though. But in Japan (I was there for 10 months) I went to Hiroshima. I saw the stories and the survivors. I almost cried. But being an Australian male I've always found it difficult to express my feelings in front of others.

Also while I was in Japan I was touched by the people. Family friends( two of whom had lost their husbands) both brought me gifts and gave me clothes even though they themselves were struggling to survive.

Another time in Japan I went to buy an icecream and it was a particularily busy and hot day in the old city I was in. So the icecream in the machine was soft and a little runny. I was touched by the amount of effort the old man put into to make sure I had a great icecream and I was almost heartbroken when my host mother told me we had to go and I should ask for my money back. Well the old man gave me an icecream and was so apologetic I tried to refuse a refund but he wouldn't let me! He sincerely wanted me to have a good time in that old town. This is something rare and I really felt so valued and so grateful to that man who really showed me what life was about. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that small act.

And now I'm back in Australia and here life is about money, jobs, school, work and alchohol. It's so different to in Japan were everyone cared. However now I have a sixth sense for those who really care.

And even though I had a terrible time in Japan and have had to watch all  my friends graduate a year before me I really am glad I stayed in that small country prefecture known as Shimane.

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Yeah as I said I think Japan changed me to an INFJ certainly before Japan I think I may have been an ENTJ or an INTJ - all I know is that I was very immature - a complete turn around now. . . My best friend is an INFJ and I can talk to her for hours and never get bored. But once again she's just finished school so I hardly get to see her . . . oh well life goes on

I totally understand where you are coming from. I went to Japan this summer with a small group from my school. In Nagasaki when asking an old man for directions to the International Cemetery he then decided to give us an insider tour of Nagasaki. He spoke no English and he stayed with us for 5 hours that day. He was absolutely one of the kindest people I have ever met. <br />
<br />
I've been an INFJ since I was a kid but I didn't think about myself as that until I took the test and found out my type. It's crazy how well it fits me and how my best friend is the same way but she turned INFJ after going to Honduras 3 summers ago.

Thankyou for reading it :D