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I just learned that I am infj.  And just to be sure I took several tests to see if it was just a fluke.  But the truth is that the information fit.  I realize that the information was not meant to pigeon whole people, but WOW, I have never felt so called out in my whole life.

It feels odd, being a member of a large family and not connecting with anyone completely, moving on to school and feeling like a social lepper and then having children and hating having other people over.  I thought I was just mean.  But after such events I felt so tired.

I have experience with intuition, especially when it is related to touch and I absolutely hate when people who have hurt me want to hug me.  I can even love them, but that contact is painful to my person.  I also find that I am very concerned about other people, but still feel tired when we are together for more then an hour.

I thought my need to be alone was some form of depression, but I was never sad - just very happy when I took myself away from the crowds and found my own space.  I can't say I feel excited about this, because I am not sure I really dive into that feeling very often - but it is more like I feel at home in this skin.

The other good parts of this realization is that, though I may not have groups of people that are around me - I now know I am not alone. 

I do have a question, the older I get, the more resolved I get to being alone and without company.  What are some ways you guys might suggest that will help me to do this to some degree without shutting the people I love out?  I can get very distant and introverted and forget.  Do small reminders work?


Also, does anyone out there have a hard time remembering important dates or have difficulty shopping?  The business of shopping is more difficult the older I get and I find that my memory sucks when it comes to social events, even though I can write huge stories and craft books.



rrichmond05 rrichmond05
36-40, F
Mar 8, 2010