Flare: Who Heals The Healers?

As an introvert, I once sought knowledge of the world.
As an intuitive person, I saw what the workings of ignorance did to the best of us.
As feelings wash over me like the (in)constant waves, that,
As perceiving would have it, I make myself forget as soon as I am dry.
    After too many tired mornings of watching dawn break across the sky, I may see (more often than I'd like to remember) my pursuits of love as painful vanity; but, I must shed the proper light upon 'Me'. A friend had tell me to wait, and stop wondering; because I only set myself up for disappointment. I considered the logic in this, and replied "To tell a dreamer not to wonder..... you are quite the cruel one (Mrs. Grinch). Hope would leave with wonder; then, what would I have to live for?"
"Love" was her reply.

As an introvert, I waited for love; and found it shy of my commitment.
As an intuitive man, I watch the vixens mix'd in with the wolves.
As feelings considered what broken masts could have meant.
As perceiving would have it, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love; and be loved in return."
   After finding myself (from every*) fallen (from every*) concept and theory, I have no regret for the words I've left unsaid. We have a place somewhere and sometime has a place for us. I place my trust in US, because, we may not yet be what we yearn for; but we hold the power to learn and shape how we will be; if the world around us could understand, all problems would be forgiven and love, would be the only given. But, until the rivers of deceit run dry, the world will callously continue to cry all around us.  {*note: either or}

As an introvert, I have fallen;
As intuition shrugged, I continue to hum
As feelings of hope for love arise within.
As perceiving, in broken mirrors of peers perception scared me,
   after-when? That's for chance to decide, and for us to coincide. We are spread so far and wide, it's as if we are the angles in disguise. We are not too many, we are not too loud. But these are just the inside thoughts of a 20 year young youth, who, in trying to cope with disassociation, turns to writing on .com's for an outlet. Because even my closest friends shy away from feedback, or support in the most essential parts of life... To be honest, I am looking for neither by writing this; this^ is just an outlet. This^is just a flare, hoping some brothers, sisters, and INFPs out there continue to keep their eyes to the skies(, by which I mean screens).
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ENFP's heal the healers :)

Beautiful. I love to read the poetry of fellow INFPs' views. I can see some of my own internal 'struggles' looking back at me. In response to your story's title - we heal ourselves. I feel that in many ways I raised myself, made myself, and I'm now parenting and healing myself - I've learnt a lot from having distant parents. <br />
<br />
@Matthew - Lol. That's silly. It made me laugh, though.

Im a intp.i got 5 percent feeling in the test so kinda im you just with no emotion

Allow me to close my eyes so that I can cause my trials and tribulations to dissapear.<br />
Envisioned in sleep is a world of peace, my heart it need not fear.<br />
Looking from the outside in, I'm grasping at delusions.<br />
Amusing myself in hallucinations, diverting reality with illusions.<br />
I need to find my peace on earth, maintain a healthy mind.<br />
Beleive and trust in the lord above, self confidence unbind.<br />
Father, Son and Holy Ghost I plead you to anneal my weary zest.<br />
Temper both my faith and might, uphold me in my quest.<br />
When I awake each morning. I'll secure my fire fro, the sun.<br />
To dissolve the worries of the day, my new life has begun.

@ RavenDelcor The perceptive (us) may not 'need' time, as we set it's priority through perspective; But I believe that hope is for the journey, not yet begun, over the mountains, dreams are for what lie beyond us in time, or reality (etc.*). Thank you for your advice, you're my morning fortune cookie. :) <br />
<br />
@Diadiam Your words have given me faith, and lifted my soul for the day; for that, let eternity know that for you (and your words), I am grateful.

Twin Flames<br />
We were once one of body and soul.<br />
Then we were split and each made whole.<br />
Man and Woman but still the same.<br />
To find each other is the Ultimate game.<br />
Our lives will parellel in many ways.<br />
We'' recognize each other upon first gaze.<br />
We'll meet again once our souls are clear.<br />
Whenever we banish doubt, anxiety and fear.<br />
Together again we will never part.<br />
For we are one of mind, body soul and heart.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

Beautiful!! Such a simple poem but I feel so much emotion from that. It is what I needed to hear at the moment, thank you. :)

The perceiver needs not time, just proximity. Hope is being able to either see the mountains that block the view of what lies beyond, or gazing upon the horizon. The power of the intuition is to call forth things upon the horizon, that is the function of dream.<br />
Do allow yourself the leverage of pursuing what is real, yet unseen and beware of cyber-space, the real and tactile awaits.

This is so powerful. Thanks for sharing.