I always get a strong "I" and a strong "N", but the other 2 are right around the middle.
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I tested as INTP for a long time, but I am an INFP. I was in denial. Which one really sounds like you. I recommend the book Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey. Also David Keirsey says that NFs are the personality seeking type, if that helps. Maybe trying to figure out who you are is enough to say that your an NF. So you got the I, the NF, now all you got to do is figure out if your scheduled (J) or non scheduled (P). he he. Good luck.

You sound complex. I read somewhere that INFJs prefer their intuiting to be introverted and their feeling to be extraverted, while INFPs prefer their intuiting to be extraverted and their feeling to be introverted.

The first time I ever took this test I was catagorized as INTJ, but the T was really weak. I started taking other tests and kept getting INFJ. fast forward 8 years later and I'm INFP. not only has the J changed to a P but it is the strongest letter in the personality type for me. I've changed as a person a lot and I think that's what contributes to it. The I is now my weakest letter. I think it's because I am on meds for social anxiety disorder and I'm really not that strong of an introvert, I can relate to both the desc<x>ription of an introvert and that of an extrovert. Introvert just usually describes me.

It's weird, I've never thought of my Meyers Briggs type as something I get to choose, but you're right.

I've spent some time with the MBTI and the Jung - I have a lot of traits associated with all 4, though INFP is the type I've gotten most often when I've taken various versions of the test, and the type I seem to gravitate toward being. As far as settling on a type - On one hand I feel a need for a change, I'm sick and tired of being everyone's whipping boy, and love has not been kind to me... on the other hand, I want to be happy being myself (whoever that is).

Ah cool. I'm rather sure I'm an INFJ but I was fussing around with the first and last letters for a little while. Best of luck finding your type. I found mine by getting to know myself and getting really familiar with in depth MBTI and in depth Jung.