It's Weird

to see your self laid out there in words...

creative, smart, idealist, loner, attracted to sad things, disorganized, avoidant, can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings, prone to quitting, prone to feelings of loneliness, ambivalent of the rules, solitary, daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness, focus on fantasies, acts without planning, low self confidence, emotionally moody, can feel defective, prone to lateness, likes esoteric things, wounded at the core, feels shame, frequently losing things, prone to sadness, prone to dreaming about a rescuer, disorderly, observer, easily distracted, does not like crowds, can act without thinking, private, can feel uncomfortable around others, familiar with the darkside, hermit, more likely to support marijuana legalization, can sabotage self, likes the rain, sometimes can't control fearful thoughts, prone to crying, prone to regret, attracted to the counter culture, can be submissive, prone to feeling discouraged, frequently second guesses self, not punctual, not always prepared, can feel victimized, prone to confusion, prone to irresponsibility, can be pessimistic

mine is not as in depth as journey's but i didn't pay for it. like journey, i too bolded things that gave me chills...
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12 Responses Dec 17, 2007

i don't like how all the introverted types desc<x>riptions on similarminds are so negative.. probably because they don't know how to make a balanced personality test. anyhow, this list for the most part describes meu pretty well. i am a dreamer, i am creative and i like to escape into my own fantasy world. slightly baffled air never leaves me.

it does feel really creepy to find a desc<x>ription that is so me. but it does feel good to know that i'm not the only one that 'feels' this way about life...really cool and matching desc<x>ription!

oh my dear god! I have never read that desc<x>ription before- but that is PERFECTLY what I am. dreaming about a rescuer. Dreaming about people to be close. So many- No! All!<br />
Could've had some positive stuff, but this is great. I am feeling so relieved. <br />
I am wired that way, not much I can do to change it!

What a depressing list, i mean sure there are negatives, but why put all the emphasis of your being on them. I mean i get so much more out of knowing what good I can do, then knowing negative feelings. Of course i know these things, i live them everyday, but does repeating them help? <br />
It's easy to look at the negatives, but it's a true challenge, at least for me in most social situation, to look at the positives. So i don't get the goal of this whole post, is it to make me feel more relatable or to make me think about all the things i do wrong? Know what i'm sayin?

I love how that describes me perfectly.

youarethereason -- I, as well, have felt that I was 'dropped off' on the wrong planet, at times, lol. Perhaps more times than I realize. But I suspect that other 'types' might feel this way sometimes, too, and the beauty of our lives is, we have a choice in how to live them. We can choose to fight against what we see as reality and struggle over it, or we can choose to accept it and find our niche in the scheme of things -- it takes all types to make our world function, and our unique qualities are needed as much as any other 'type'.

I feel uneasy when someone writes a list like that that describes me exactly when they don't even know me. And other INFPs seem to feel exactly the same way about things. It's like we don't belong in this world, I hate this world :(

I did this and came up an INFJ three times out of four, and the fourth I came up INFP. I definitely identify with a good number of these traits.<br />
<br />
I just absolutely love stuff like this, don't you? I think it's incredibly helpful, and incredibly life-affirming, to see yourself laid out on paper, like you said. Nothing like validation and self-knowledge!

cloud are right on about the words chosen to describe INFPs as tending to sound negative, undoubtedly a result of the fact that our exact opposite ESTJ is the ideal in our western society. I have heard other more positive descriptions...try:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Most INFPs will exhibit the following strengths with regards to relationship issues: <br />
<br />
Warmly concerned and caring towards others <br />
Sensitive and perceptive about what others are feeling <br />
Loyal and committed - they want lifelong relationships <br />
Deep capacity for love and caring <br />
Driven to meet other's needs <br />
Strive for "win-win" situations <br />
Nurturing, supportive and encouraging <br />
Likely to recognize and appreciate other's need for space <br />
Able to express themselves well <br />
Flexible and diverse <br />
<br />
or try:<br />

I took an online version of the MBTI a couple of years ago as part of a short course on Jung. It's amazing how prettymuch EVERYTHING on the list you posted, Redholly, is so "me." The marijuana legalisation thing is very interesting to me because though I don't like weed myself (it makes me paranoid), I have dated three different guys who smoked it a lot, and whenever the topic comes up in conversation, I do find myself speaking on the legalisation issue unusually passionately, I would say, for someone who can't stand it herself.

yeah like cloudnine said- alot of those things sound kinda depressing-not that they arent true.<br />
<br />
daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness---that so me....creeepy :)

where did you get that description, i love it!<br />
and that site only charged for the diagnosis, not for the description. i got diagnosed by other websites for free ;)