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I took the Myers-Briggs test a couple of times several years ago, coming up both times is INFP. Reading through the descriptions, it does scare me a bit of how accurate a multiple choice test could really be, but this isn't my point.

It's tough being the one out there that cares for people enough to risk his own sanity. Taking on other's people's pain while dealing with one's own is a lot to deal with. I can almost seem to tell when people are upset and hurting, and it really doesn't make my day some days seeing it, but knowing that society would frown on it. Relationships are really tough to even try to get into because I'm so afraid of hurting the other person, and I've literally spent years trying to live with myself for the people that really felt for and felt like I've hurt. It confuses me people can just hurt each other, and keep going on, and it confuses me at times how people can't put together pieces that seem to just fit for me.

I've taken ridicule for what I've seen about humanity, and I get frustrated because I can't hold my own in an argument because "That's just how it makes sense" doesn't fly in a logical argument, even about people. I nearly hosed myself in college because I realized that I care more about people than about computers (Computer Science major).

It's garbage how to succeed in this world, you seem to have to use, abuse, and step on people. I know I want no part of that, and I know that I don't need to be rich, but I'm not sure how to dodge that.

To understand life is to walk in many people's shoes, and one is to realize that everyone has something important to say, something important that they know. It also bothers me that people are written off as useless because of where they come from or what they do in the world.

I'm sorry if this isn't the most organized. It just seems like you guys understand, and it just poured out. I just want to be loved and understood, and I want to make a difference in the world, but how?
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Funny thing, is that the realization, through gaming, in how computers could bring people together in the first place is what drew me in (as well as enjoying toying around with code). I was fortunate to get to be a part of a project which was trying to use technology in an alternative way to teach concepts, but the boss, in my opinion, tore it to shreds, making it fall back to doing what didn't work, and that didn't help things at all. Thanks for the encouraging words.