Im Really Unsure Which Type I Am, Ill Leave The Group If No One Thinks I Belong Here X)

Hey everyone, I have got several different results for the 16 type test, mainly entp, enfp, infp. I was wondering if anyone could make an observation of some of my personality traits and suggest a type. Only bother if you’re interested in what I put, there’s no obligation here, thank you :)
I often show my appreciation towards others and always express it in short bursts.
I find I am able to do most things to an extent, I don’t seem to excel in any particular area, but everything I try I seem to be able moderately good to begin with.
I spend time organising my short term plans and usually follow through with success, I am unable to make long term plans realistically
I find my emotions easy to express to people, but I never feel I express them in the right way fully, only that I am able to talk but not say.
I like time away, to be on my own, but only so I can pursue personal interests, in which I continue to use a lot of energy.
I like one on one conversation, especially about science, music, philosophy, or anything I can be passionate about, I do however generally feel happier with 3 or 4 people, with a relaxed friendly atmosphere.
I don’t find many conventionally funny things make me laugh; I seem to laugh the most at observing people’s behaviour and mocking it in some way.
I don’t get/like silliness or cuteness in the slightest, the whole ‘oo sparkly’ thing makes me want to grab and shake them like ‘THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING THINGS OUT THERE’, I dislike ignorance in adults, its meant for kids :P but I do find goofiness attractive in girls, because seeing someone try and fail is really adorable.
I dislike people who are too driven, serious or ambitious; I feel they will tread on others, and they need to relax and be nicer to people.
I am tolerant with most people, and will get along with most who talk to me, I manipulate my behaviours to suit people – subconsciously, I don’t feel my personality is fixed (making it harder, sorry) but seriously, I think I do this to avoid stress and just get along. There is only one circumstance where I stand up, other people being bullied or some kind of injustice, I’m generally pretty soft but I know if I saw someone getting picked on and attacked, I would go way too far in my pounding of the bullies face into a brick wall.
I love travelling if only for the feeling of being in a special place in my life, generally the experience makes me anxious as I don’t have time to recollect with my thinking
I really enjoy watching films with many different aspects to them such as watchmen or gladiator; and realise those films will not be what other people perceive as complex, perhaps I make things personal to some extent, I also become obsessed with films by listening to the soundtrack incessantly and feeling my life relates to the film somehow, but this obsession only lasts a few days, I am generally easily distracted, and get bored easily
The same applies to music, I like a ridiculous range of music, but not because ‘anything goes’ but because I appreciate very different styles and themes in music and change my mood accordingly. I generally prefer sad music, or ambient/adventurous music like Joe Satriani.
I am quick to act on how I feel about things, often over the top and self centred, but rarely raising my voice. I avoid confrontation and hurting people at all costs, but I express my anger and sadness through self destructive behaviour (only as far as smoking and feeling pain inside and not doing anything about it :P) and not going to sleep for hours until I find a song/person to give me a different outlook, okay this is where I’d be called emo, but I don’t enjoy being sad, I just don’t do anything about it, requires someone else to cheer me up.
I often come up with new ways of doing things, and organised systems to ensure I feel in control. However once these systems are up, such as to do lists, I usually leave it all till later, though I don’t consciously leave them, I just keep thinking any minute now...for hours...
I am generally optimistic about life, but I get strong sinking mood swings, where I feel very discontented and as though I don’t like anything, but I rarely feel emotionally distraught or very sad, I just have periods of ‘I don’t really like anyone or anything, what is the point’
I hate looking in the mirror when I don’t look my best, and vice versa, though I’m not arrogant, I’m insecure, this is why compliments and female attention make me feel on top of the world, and once again vice versa. I am very honest with myself only on the internet, because reading insults etc. Doesn’t faze me, but when said by someone I know it means everything.
I’m not afraid of death (not sure if this will help with personality types?) but I do feel I want to die fighting for something, I see it as the one way I can be proud, very sad but hey, if it happens it will be awesome.
I also think I’m right about most of my observations and philosophies, I just find it hard to follow them and meet my own standards; probably the root of my low self esteem.
I find myself able to try very very hard at certain things and achieve what I didn’t think would be possible, I feel happy when I look back at my life, and I feel gloomy when I look forward.
I have talked about myself way too much, but I just really really want to know what personality type I am, and I would appreciate anyone’s suggestions so much :)
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thanks so much guys :) i think from your comments and a couple more tests ive decided i am infp but only slightly introverted. I get energy from others and within equally but i tend to be quite reserved. Thanks again!!

Well, you do seem to have a lot of traits that I identify with but it may just be that I was looking for similarities between the two of us and not differences. You definitely seem like a feeler though and not a thinker. Also, the fact that you dislike people who are too driven or ambitious seems like a P to me. So I would say you are definitely an XXFP. The introverted/extroverted dimension should be easy. Do you get your energy from others or from within? If it is the latter then you are introverted. However, every dimension is a spectrum so you may just hover around the middle making you not entirely extroverted or introverted. I am personally about 60% introverted. <br />
<br />
The sensing vs. intuitive dimension is one where I am not sure about the differences. I know it is the way that you interact with your surroundings or something like that. I actually score very high on intuition. However, you pointed out that the types you mainly score as are all N's so you are more likely than not an N.