Why Can't The World Have More Infp's???

I am an INFP in college, and definitely feel like an outsider as many other people on this website have said. When it comes to my confidence level, I feel very confident in who I am. I love me, I love the fact that I follow my heart instead of apathetically following logic and reason. I love that I dream and use my imagination, I love that I'm not stuck in the real world...I find it horribly depressing that some people really only care about the everyday, mundane events of life. My favorite part of the day is going back to my room alone and researching strange and interesting topics online, writing stories, or just going over what happened that day and what it means as far as life's bigger picture: what lessons did I learn today? What does it all really mean?? I also love being in touch with nature and really feel as though I'm myself when I'm outside. And one of my other favorite things is to be in touch with my body through yoga. And I really love this about me!

However, when it comes to my confidence around other people, it's very low. I just hate that everyone is constantly judging me and criticizing me and no one understands me. Just because I don't watch "Jersey Shore" or haven't seen a certain music video, I feel like it's so hard to connect to those around me. I never want to approach people because I just really don't think they'll like who I am. It's not that I feel badly about MYSELF, I just have no confidence that other people will like me, and I'm terrible at making small talk and approaching people.

I can't believe that it's SO rare to find other INFP's out there. It's so hard to find someone who is REAL, who has a soul. Everyone just seems so fake and superficial to me. They just want to sit around and make small talk for the rest of their lives. I just want a real, deep conversation!!!!!!! I feel like it's seriously impossible to find someone like that. And it's so hard being an introvert in an extroverted world...it's just frustrating. I don't need many friends, but ONE real, true friend at college would be nice. Just ONE person who isn't materialistic and caught up in all the mundane parts of life. Someone who looks BEYOND all that and can look at the bigger picture. Someone who doesn't blindly follow reason, but follows their heart. Someone who can talk about their feelings, their struggles, their past, everything meaningful to them. Someone who doesn't hide from the emotional parts of life, but completely embraces them.

Thankfully, I have one friend who is truly my guardian angel. She does not go to school with me, which does make me lonely here, but she is always in my heart. She's absolutely amazing, incredibly unique, and so unaffected by society. She just IS her own person. And no matter how irrational, emotional, sensitive or crazy I get, she's always there to calm me down and let me know that she is always by my side. She never tries to tell me that I shouldn't feel a certain way because it's "not logical"; she always respects how I feel. She never makes me feel like an outsider; she's the only person who entirely accepts me as I am, and not only does she accept me, but she completely gets me!! She just understands. She IS me. Without her, I honestly don't know how I would have survived this world. It's a shame that more people like her don't exist.

I mean...I'm not saying I want the world entirely full of INFP's. It would probably stop functioning all together, since we are always up in the clouds and not very practical or realistic. It's good to have those logical people in the world. I guess I just wish there was more of a balance. And I wish we were accepted by society. That people wouldn't think of us as crazy or unrealistic. That people wouldn't attack us for wanting alone time, for following our heart, for believing in things not proved by science, for having strong morals. And that they could just love us for who we are: extremely loyal friends, great listeners, and very passionate people who love to help others. World, just please, give us a chance!! If we are standing in the corner looking very stand-off-ish, it's not because we don't care about others! We truly do. We just don't want to be judged. But we'd love to get to know you. :)

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Reading your post was like I was reading something I had written. I completely agree with everything you said and can fully relate. I also wish that there are more like us. And reading this brought tears to my eyes.
If you're still on here, we can talk if you like.
I'm into all kinds of weird subjects too and have unusual opinions about life and the matrix we live in.
Peace :)

You describe my situation so well that it makes me want to cry... Someone finally understands!

i can totally relate. but it seems like alot of like minded infps hang out on here (: its nice to know i'm not alone.

I am also an INFP. Lately I have been extremely depressed wondering if I will ever find someone who will understand me. Someone who doesn't judge me for who they think I am or not even bother to get to know me because I do not draw attention to myself. At least once in a while it would be nice t find someone who looks beyond the mundane, someone who not only glances at nature , for example, but feels it smells, tastes,hears, sees and feels it's intricate beauty and wonders. Someone who . . .yes, (as you so perfectly stated) has a soul. Thank you for sharing your soul with others.

I have tested as an INFP three different times. I am actually going through a depressive episode right now, but after reading that many different types of people contemplate suicide and I see good in just about everyone, I would have to say that I am not going to be so hard on myself. I know that things will get better down the road. I respect and admire your self respect and the fact that you are not beating yourself up!!!That shows that INFP are not all the same. I am in college right now and feel very alone and lost...but I know it must get better!! Keep up the yoga, it will free your mind, body and spirit :) I wish there were other people who liked to talk and comtemplate deeper topics than what band is going to be in town next week. You have a positive aditude and made me feel alot better!!! There is nothing wrong with us!