I Am Obsessed With Beauty.

I see it everywhere. And I can't help but be in awe. And I try to share it, but it seems like nobody else gets it. Why does nobody else see the world in the same beautiful, beautiful colors I do? Do they not hear the song or is it willful ignorance?
mhschoir08 mhschoir08
3 Responses Aug 26, 2011

I can completely get where your coming from I always in awe of the beauty of the natural environment, beautiful people, colours, sounds. I don't really understand why I think its is just because we are very connected to our senses. This is a positive thing but it can also be negative e.g. I hate when there is too much stimuli coming at me at once

it's perception. as i see here, and from other internet forum, we the infp people have very high level of percpetion, awereness etc. that's why I, and as I see here, all of us, feel like being constantlt carpet bombed with other people emotiones. the perk is that we can feel beauty to its fullest. <br />
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i love to dive into beautiful things, music, movies, books, people etc. i love to enjoy emotiones attached to them. my mind developed as a defense mechanism ability to not feel, so i crave it even more. to feel nice, but also to not feel to much, because sometimes it just eats my mind.

The beauty is in you.<br />
<br />
Many can't find the beauty within themselves.