INFPs exist for a reason.

   We all face many of the same problems, loneliness, sadness, wondering why we exist, but at the same time, we have hope, we are the dreamers of society. I have always loved dreaming, dreaming of perfect worlds without war, dreaming of a world in which I belonged, dreaming of finding the love of my life, dreaming of anything that wasn't the world I lived in.

    This is why we exist, we are the dreamers. What would life be like without dreamers like Mohandas Gandhi, George Orwell and John Lennon, not to even mention the hundreds of other well known philosophers, psychologists, writers, directors, filmmakers and artists who have helped the world become what it is now,. INFPs aren't flightless birds among eagles, no we fly higher than many other people. Even the mother of the MBTI "Isabell Briggs Myer herself was an INFP. INFPs exist in all walks of life pathing paths for others to follow. Don't feel hopeless, because the world depends on INFPs to lead humanity down the right road. I feel like INFPs will be especially needed in the years to come with many of the effects humans are having on the earth. In the past INFPs have changed this world to make it closer to what they viewed as ideal, so you could too. 

I have always felt this need to change the world in some major way. I wanted to be a psychologist, but I don't care for the american dream of living in a big house, whether I am helping people or not, no, I want to create something that will change the world, like possibly a machine that would allow people to dream at will. The only problem is I fear what that machine would do to humanity, as millions of people are already playing World of Warcraft, imagine if people could dream whenever they wish with full consciousness.

Last but not least, I would like to say that since I have joined this site I have felt alot less lonely and out of place, and I have since gained 620 wonderful friends who are also compassionate dreamers who love to talk about the deeper things in life =3.
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I'm also an infp. I agree that the world needs the quiet, sensitive, dreamer types more than ever, to balance out our terribly skewed world. Follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell said. Be yourself, and be proud of your natural gifts and talents. Use them for the benefit of the world around you, of which you are a part. :)

I think that machine exists. It's called fiction. Jesus was a great story teller, so was Miguel do Cervantes. The recognition is there but it frequently doesn't come in the life of the dreamers.<br />
I want to encourage you to write a story about your dream machine.

Nice post. "INFPs exist for a reason." I agree. But society seems to not recognize or celebrate our strengths.

i am an infp, or to be more specific, an inpf, like jesuchrist, like don quixote. i thought i was strange crazy, introvert, silent shy. i don't say interesting things to say. but i'm surprirsed with the people here, everyone says lot of enormously interesting things in this group. they accuse themselves of not being sociable but i don't believe them. because only i am the true alone shy or whatever, all the people that i have meet in my life are sociable except me. and i have seen many infps that are but they dont believe that they are.