Of Course, Mr Dreamland

That was what I was called by my siblings when I was younger because I was always lost in my thoughts and drifted instead of walking and kept knocking things over.
Okay, not always.
And I definitely have improved and learned to be more 'present' in the present. Though a comment on a facebook post yesterday by a friend told me that I used to run as if I was running on the moon.
So thaat's why they used to ask me to run for them! One of the mysteries of the past two years has been solved.
This means like I run like I'm low on gravity.. I have to see it! Maybe I'll try doing that in front of the bathroom mirror? But it's not big enough to show all of me.

Anyways, point is, I wasn't surprised by this result. I'm either INFP or INTP by a margin. I didn't know what it meant but I searched and I pretty much am a cut out INFP.

To be very honest, It's not the best type of personality to have, but it does have it's positives.
We invest too much in people. Which is useless mostly.
They don't always need to be pleased or showered with affection forever.
But we try to be loyal at least.

We go with our hearts, our emotions and feelings than logic... and suffer because of wrong decisions.
BUT if we go with logic, and not with our heart, we feel that logically correct decision to be wrong for ourselves and suffer again. It's not just restricted to our personality type though, this thing is universal to human beings I think. But we just think more and wonder more about what if's.

We love sad things, sad songs, sad people and want to share that and help, but we don't always have a plan.

I've read about the importance of values to infp's. Yes, but the values can change I think.

We're frikkin perfectionists! Often, not for a reward but for just making something perfect(that's happened in my case)
And we stop trying as soon as it goes a tiny bit imperfect. But it does pay if something is done in an excellent way, right?

We can never judge impartially, ever. We can not persuade. But if a personal value is broken, we can judge. Very harshly.

We're so whimsical! Always in awe. But we find interesting things in the most unlikely places.

We find groups tough to work in, because we're faced with having to try to keep people happy and try to make the project perfect(no matter how long it takes).

We're supposed to be better at writing, teaching, healing, and listening. Not the best paid, and best esteemed, and most useful professions, but then, we don't need to be paid too much to be happy, do we? (I'm lying here. I most definitely would like to be paid in big fat cheques)

I could go on forever. But what's the point? You can find similar stuff on sites dedicated to discussing traits of personality types. Go there!
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1 Response Jul 28, 2012

My mum used to always say about me "oh look she's away with fairies again" and in school it would be from the teachers "were you listening to a word I said or were you too busy staring out of the window again?!"<br />
<br />
I have to agree with the "we love sad things, sad songs..." etc<br />
<br />
Love a film that brings me to tears :')