I Am Not Doing Well Today...

I am barely on this website, my life consists of so many ups and downs, it is truly exhausting. Today though, I am reaching out because my heart is aching and I think I'm slipping into a downward spiral.

Any ideas from my fellow INFP's?
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Imagination is a strong point among INFP. Move your spiral to a river. Lay down in the river, just a little bit away from the spiral, which is now an eddy pool. Cast off some of your worries and cares, make them look like river debris, branches and leaves. Watch them get caught up in the eddy pool. Mean time, feel yourself floating away from the pool and the debris. Feel the rich current below you and the sun's energy above you. As you loose your debris, absorb the new energies. Just lay there and let it all flow. Don't store energy. It creates an eddy pool within you. Allow it to flow.
Repeat as often as necessary.
If that doesn't work, walk through a crowd of people and simply smile to yourself. Smiles move energy without much effort.

You are very pretty:)

Thank you very much, xox.

I am sorry you are experiencing a downward spiral. I hope you find some relief this evening. Sometimes there are periods we just have to push through. Reaching out for connections is often a good idea.

I looked up INFP after reading this story. Interesting... I see you have a link to take the questionaire. I may take that.

You should!! I would love to know. And thank you for your sweet concern, I'm doing a bit better, I have learned that with myself and my emotions, nothing is really permanent. Please take the questionnaire, and let me know, I am sure you will find it enlightening.

I was just looking at the link. I will let you know.

I've been there. What do you need? How can I help?

The conversation we have been having has been helping, thank you for your concern and care. It is so much appreciated, xox.

I wish I could share a hot chocolate with you, give you a hug, let you cry on my shoulder and then dry your tears and make you laugh and take your pain and sadness away (this is real, not a 'come on', honest to God.).

BTW: The system says I can't msg you or add you to my circle (:

I care more than you know

Thank you for that! Very sweet of you! Hot Chocolate sounds really good right now!! You can't add me? Hm I added you to my circle, that didn't help?

We can talk for hours if you like, or I can just listen. Whatever you need.

Don't forget to let me know!! :) Please, I am so curious!!

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