I'm An Infp, And Proud.

So, let's begin on how much of an INFP I am. I have developed extravert skills; social skills, I'm not too socially awkward. And I almost have an S instead of an N, almost an artist. I really think I have developed my mind in a balanced way really well. But I did have to go through a 6 to 8 month major depressive episode when I was 17 years old. I am 18 now, and it's been about a year since my recovery. I was stuck in repetition. Anyway, I'm currently pursuing acting. Let's talk about social situations since that's where the INFP sticks out. I am very authentic, I mean everything I say, I'm funny and energetic (only when I'm doing something I like). I do not like blabber mouths. Sometimes situations get into too deep and I have to say something hurtful for someone to back off, I don't like doing it, but it's necessary, so I don't lose respect for myself. I like harmony in groups, and I want everyone to be truthful and honest and nice. I hate it when people make rude comments, I think in my head "How could you say such a thing". But I do have to judge how cruel the comment was, but even if I don't say anything, I might still hold that against that person. I also like to build genuine relationships with people and with girls. I do not like girls who come onto me too quick, unless their personality is something I adore, and they are relatively good looking as well.

Besides acting, I play guitar sing and write my own music. I also write my philosophy on life all the time. I've drained enough outta me. Peace.
dermann dermann
Sep 15, 2012