It's being a great challenge choosing my career. I feel like nothing really fits. What I need is a career in which I can create, have no routine and am able to do something in order to improve the world. What are you careers?
Mcneil Mcneil
18-21, F
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I am a teacher,

I don't know what is my careers too ,我也不知道啊~~~~百度谷歌里都没有啊

I have ADHD and started medication a year ago.
One tendancy for ADHD-ers is to never stay satisfied in relationships or job positions for very long. So we tend to have many relationships throughout our lives and many jobs. We also tend to get fired or laid off quite often for "poor job performance" due to distraction.

For me it's been more of a - growing bored with most things after a few years - type of thing. I've even been to school for several different things. The only thing that remains constant in my life is that I'm an artist/creator. That's the only thing that keeps me truly happy. I went to art school for photography and became a digital image editor. I worked for a studio for a while but I am now completely self-employed and while it's stressful running my own business I love it! I am VERY busy during the Summer months due to all of the wedding and portrait sessions and in the winter things are very slowwwww. It's REALLY nice though because I can save up my money when business is really good and during the winter I can still pay my bills and spend more time working on things that I WANT to work on like painting, drawing, sewing, making crafts for Etsy or whatever. It's nice having the long work period, followed by a long a break.

I've done a lot, janitorial, camp counselor, bus driver, teacher, cashier, fund raiser, musician, parent, cook, manager, executive director, group home manager, youth director, lots of things ... the imagination never stops, so each has been a creative experience. I always looked forward to going to my job. What I hate(d) is finding a job. That's when all the questions that you are asking yourself now crop up. What fits me and what do I fit? Know that no matter what you do, you are you and you do make a difference in the world, no matter what. Keeping a place clean for example saves lives from being distressed over illnesses resulting from an unclean environment. While mopping a floor, I used to write in my head, make up stories or run through philosophical arguments, the creative is always there. I've worked a lot with youth, both as a teacher and a youth minister way back when. Listening has been my most creative act with the younger folk.
I have no advise for you, Mcneil, listen to your heart, take a chance on any old job and you'll find pieces of your puzzle fall into place AND many more pieces where you'll be bewildered about. It's all in there. Have fun doing it, because a smile on your face resonates not only with others, but with your own soul.