INFP and Nature

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Rain so well spoken of and described, you have an awesome talent. Thank you for sharing. I've been in that rain and have heard the cricket, thanks to you, I've been there again.

This is really beautiful.

Thank you so mucn, I'm so glad you liked it!

I can absolutely identify with your exquisite depiction of the rain and its profound effect on you. I write entries (poetry, prose, stream of consciousness...) about the beauty of nature in a journal I carry with me every where I go. Thank you so much for sharing you're wonderful expressions. I could vicariously travel through your use of eidetic imagery to the road where you stood that night. And yes, rain is a mesmerizing phenomenon of nature that sends me into a rapture of awe every time I have the opportunity to watch.

I'm Asha. Pleasure to meet you my fellow INFP =)

In my opinion, nature is one of the most, if not /the/ most beautiful thing out there, and it isn't given nearly as much credit as it should!

I'm so happy to hear your awesome comments, thank you! :D You have no idea how glad I am to hear when people actually like what I write

Wow, you expressed so well !!! There is another side of teenagers giving me such a hope for the next generation! Thanks Girl ! Your writing is wonderfully desc<x>riptive, keep writing...may be adventure to write a book?

I've written a lot of smaller works over the past five years or so, which is how I was able to really practice often and expand my writing horizons.

I feel the same way! I see all the teenagers that are on the rough and bad side, and I feel bad, but when I see some teenagers on here (many of whom I make friends with) who show real talent and promise, it renews my faith that this generation, although I do live in it, isn't all bad xD

Often. Thanks. Can't wait for the next rain.

Neither can I!