Searching For People Like Me

I feel like I've always been misunderstood, as I'm sure most of us have. I think that why I struggled to make friends, simply because I'm such a unique and strange blend of things. I more recently realized that this "blend of things" is the fact that I'm an INFP.

I think one of the primary reasons that I'm misunderstood and have trouble making friends is because most of who I am goes against the grain of mainstream society. I'm a 20-something, and yet while most people are out drinking, I'm sitting on the couch either with my guitar or playing video games. Another thing is that I'm a very spiritual guy, and my Christian faith is important to me. However I completely and 100% respect and accept other faiths <-- that idea doesn't usually fit with other Christians. These are just two examples, but I seem to be like a puzzle piece that doesn't quite fit no where you put it.

I used to think of who I am and my uniqueness as a weakness, but I've realized in recent years that it's a strength. Apparently there's only 4% of the population that are INFP's, so I think that makes me rather special. So while I don't fit perfectly into mainstream society (and I might not ever), that's okay, because I think I'm destined for better things than simply "going with the flow". I think all INFP's are meant for awesome things, and that's because we're special. We're not better than any of the other personality types, and there's nothing wrong with them, but we are something totally different altogether.

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1 Response Nov 21, 2012

It's always going to be hard to find friends when you refuse to conform and are just yourself. People don't know how to react to someone who isn't everyone else.

Yeah no kidding- it took me a long time to realize that