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I am. I am that I am. I am and simply so. I am without qualifications, simply I am. As qualifications become added, the I am becomes limited to such and attached to things and attributes that eventually I am not. I am but I am not. I am a person, a spirit, a body, a thing, a place, a way, a truth, a light, a beacon, a dim reflection of what I am, I am. I am. I am existence in so far as I exist which is another way of saying I am and rightfully so for without existence my I am would not echo across the valley of my being. No being, no I am, I am being that which I am.
RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M 2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

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I love this! I am! my new fav quote

within the simplicity of the words 'I am' lies beautiful complexities!