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I love being an INFP. I think we're very deep, caring, intense, creative, imaginative and passionate. We love pure and idealistic beauty, we love good kind people, we love animals. And we hate social injustice and dishonesty and inequality. We defend the underdog and fight the bullies. We're not shallow and we're not cogs in the wheel. It doesn't matter if the others don't appreciate us and keep trying to change us. I never want to be otherwise. We may never get rich but our values enrich our lives. We're blessed with the best human traits.

I wish I knew about MBTI when I was younger so I wouldn't have spent so much time trying to fit in with society. It was so stressful. Instead, I would have sought out the company of other INFPs and gone for long walks together.
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I agree with you. The traits we possess are so important to have and in acting in our best and true selves, we can help so many people along the way.

I've spent some time trying to 'fit in' and become someone that I'm not. Hoping that if I acted like that person who appears to have it all together that I will get it all together (NOT)
Only after I started to embrace my introverted, creative, and dreamy nature did I find a place in society as the creative, dreamy type . Even though I do often dream about being somewhere or someone else which is typical of infp, I make a conscious effort to look at my own life and think is this realistic? and if so is it actually better than my current life or is it just a nice idea?

I think we need to just embrace who we are and do things we know will be good for us. Try as many things until we find what we are passionate for and never settle for less. Hell, we have a massive perceptive and intuitive nature why not put it to use? We know what is good for the world, humanity, our family and friends. Why not turn this intuition onto our own lives?

I'm a writer (best use of INFP imagination I can think of) and also cursed with INFP procrastination unless I have deadlines. Sometimes I think we live in the wrong age - the age of materialism, glam and shallow minds - but as long as we keep company with like-minded friends we'll stay on track.