Any Infp Girls Who Are Into Girls?

I've only met a few INFPs so far but I haven't met any INFP women who prefer women to men. I believe gender shouldn't matter when it comes to love. I still find men attractive, but I cannot deny I find women more attractive. I'm just trying to find someone who relates and who I can talk to....
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I am INxx and have been attracted to women, even from an early age but also feel attraction to me. Because of the environment I grew up in I chose men and love my husband but my fantasies often stray to women. I tell my husband if anything ever happened to us he wouldn't have to worry about me finding another man because I would go the opposite. Good luck to you and just try to do what is best for you...

I'm a girl infp and I'm bisexual. I can't really say which sex I'm attracted to the most, hell, I can't even say what qualities I'm attracted to in people... I too, find women more attractive physically, so yeah... you're not alone :)

Gender is something that is within us all. Men and women have both masculine and feminine qualities that permeate every part of their existence. When you say you prefer women, do you prefer the female sex or do you prefer someone who is more feminine? (I relate, as I have always been enamored by other women, but I have lived a typically straight lifestyle minus any women I've been involved with and my own inner thoughts on the subject.)

I say, as a fellow INFP, DO NOT allow others to dictate what you manifest for yourself. It can be hard to, but in the end think about all those what if's and special somebodies that will have been left by the wayside to haunt your daydreams...

Love is as love comes. Freely and unabashedly.