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I feel that being an INFP is like being an alien, no matter how hard you try you feel like a visitor from another world and spend a good deal of your time either trying to acclamate and exist in this strange and hostile environment or trying to figure out why exactly you're here in this place that you oftentimes don't understand. you're in the world but not really of it. INFPs are called the defenders of the realm, the pure white warriors. i don't feel like a defender of the realm.  i'm harmless. i'm certainly not a fighter because as an INFP i don't like violence.  and we INFPs are so few and far between that i seriously doubt that we really make any sort of difference even though we easily have all the answers to the ills of the world and the deep desire to cure those ills. but i guess that's why we're the defenders. we're the only ones that realize that the realm needs defending. there's something very painful about being an INFP. the loneliness is definitely the biggest thing. it's so hard to find anybody who really understands you and doesn't pass you off as a flighty, reclusive, quixotic looney. to outsiders we are strange idealists. but to the INFP ideals are not impossible dreams. they are real, more real than anything else and they are the only driving force for us. the Good is what gives everything meaning. being an INFP is like being a physician with all the knowledge and desire to cure your patients only to realize that the patient doesn't want to be cured. the patient doesn't even realize that they are sick and that they need help. it's very painful to watch someone suffer from something that you know doesn't have to be. we are very spiritual in a world where real spirituality is looked at as an oddity. we are intellectual in a world where knowledge for knowledge's sake goes against the pragmatic majority. we are soft-spoken and shy in a world where the ideal is to be outgoing and aggressive. we have a clear sense of what is ethical and feel compassion deeply for those that suffer in a world where people seem to be so self-centered, directionless, and shallow. being so special is a hard and lonely existence. even so, i still think that INFPs have an important place in creation. we're here to provide leverage against the craziness that the others create. we're the counterweight. it's like being a small group of older kids looking after an overwhelming majority of out of control two year olds wo believe they know better than you. it's very strange indeed but we can only be what  we are. we should be proud and live our truth because we do have a supreme responsibilty.  personally i'm honored to be an INFP :)

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Hear, hear. I sort of view us as the torchbearers of the human spirit. It can be lonely and tough, but what's a little struggle? What would humanity be without its Gandhis? The depth, the truth and the feeling are worth it.<br />
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And in response to the comments about INTJs - my mother is an INTJ. Bad deal for an INFP kid. :s

hey guys, and ericofsweden! this is completely random, but I just stumbled upon this story and in particular, this comment, and that quote- "I sort of view us as the torchbearers of the human spirit"-- really hit home. so, a few craft supplies later, this is what my evening produced...

thought you should see it since you inspired it.

Thank you for this article. It completely summed up what I'm feeling right now ^^ No matter how I try, it feels like I can never really fit in. :/ I think it'll all pass, though. Hopefully. Nothing wrong with being spiritual and deep, though, right? Just means we're special. :)

Ideals should never be given up on if they are honourable

THanks for connecting with people who feel the way you do. There are few of us who were born to understand something much deeper than the average person. It is a difficult road to go down but you are not alone just far away.

You summed up what it feels like to be me. I have always felt so alien in this world, I lived my whole life so far wondering how I ended up here and when do I get to leave. I just have never felt like I belong here like. I am truely relieved to know that someone knows how I feel everyday of my existance. Great post

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

So much of what we do is comparing ourselves to others. Hey, we are unique 5 out of 100 people are priviledged to be on the same basic pattern and each within that group has unique experience. It is best to leave the camparisons to the **TJ's of the world. WE are here to feel the world and to percieve it. That's just my intuition on the whole thing, but it works best without the judging one's self against the norm. Best is we say that's nice to the judgers of the world and then let it be. Relax.

This is such a refreshing read...from the warriors with 2 year olds, to the loneliness - and doctors with a cure. Its cool to be gotten by others; cuz few & far between is an understatement. 5% of any population is pretty small. I'm coming back to being my "self" INFP & all - its been a long time away and I need this encouragement to remember what I was like, how I thought, and how I was. Thanks for the reminders.

Actually around 2%.