And I'm Married to An Istj

Sometimes it is hard when I am being emotional and he is being logical... but I believe that we can both, at least, appreciate each other's points of view.
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the ISTJ-INFP relationship is supposed to be anctive relationship. <br />
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camping, sports, travels, etc.

For my husband and I it is more active things... we enjoy camping and have a motorcycle.. we rode together a lot before we had kids. Now that kids have come along it is usually centered around them, lol :)

My boyfriend is an ISTJ, and i like that about him, but it seems like we will never have the same interests, and don't have much fun spending time together because the only thing we share in common is "lets go see a movie" lol. Do you have any ideas for activities that two people who are different can both enjoy?

I'm an INFP too. My husband is an ESTJ (complete opposite of me!). We have taught each other much and have grown to appreciate each other's strengths. I think we each have become more well-rounded individuals through being together: he keeps me grounded and in touch with reality and has taught me to be more bold and to stand up for myself; I have helped to develop his softer side and to be more compassionate and understanding of others.

My significant other identifies as an INTJ, and to me, the type indicator has served as a vehicle toward greater understanding of each other. It's not the be-all and end-all, but it gives me insight into things such as the communication between us, stuff that really makes sense, unlike the "Mars and Venus" model and similar.