Me Too, Sometimes

I am an INFP too. I kind of doubted the test, but i took it a couple of times over the years and came up INFP once and INTJ the other. So I'm moody? 

I know I make decisions intuitively, but I know sometimes I think too much - go figure. I think its fun to take this test and then disagree with the results. I also have a contrarian streak.

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You're probably still in range of what you were. Some of relies on how you feel about yourself. Look at the questions, they make you make a choice of one thing over another. there's a little trigger inside that makes it difficult for a person to constantly go against the inner desire, or choice. On the long test, there is a consistency factor built in, to make sure that the test subject is not trying to manipulate the results. That is one reason the truncated versions on line are a bit inaccurate, or could be at least. If you answer the questions withouth thinking too much, it is fairly accurate.

Wow, you took much better notes than I did. I wish I had that grasp of it. Yes, I often wonder about what my test answers are revealing, and have been know to respond with what my wife called 'magical thinking'. Its been over 15 years since I last took the test. I wonder what I am now?

There is a range or degree of I N F P. When I took the full 166 question test my range was <br />
E = 8 I = 27<br />
s = 1 N=23<br />
T= 7 F=11<br />
J= 3 P=23<br />
The farther away from zero the more indicative the trait, so I am INFP because my indicators push away from the line. As you can also see there is room for ESTJ to appear, and probably surface when I am in the right situation, mood, the wines right, whatever.<br />
67% of the time I will be I and 95% I will be P The N is glued to the scale at over 95% there is a lot of wiggle room between the T and the F so I can rationalize my feelings;)<br />
The interpretation of this test is more that a Cosmo quiz as we all know (but if an ESTJ is reading I have to put that sentance in) (mostly because I like to cause friction with ESTJs) So, whereas the various personality site are accurate; some are only as accurate as a poor astrology site.<br />
We are INFP and relatively and quietly proud of that, especially the introvert in us, but all of us have various degrees. I would suspect also that on any given day the scales could move more to the middle, depending again on the mood and medication.<br />
Uncanny as it may seem, my professor said that with all these personality tests, the test taker is only revealing what they want to be found. Think about that.