Sleeping Disorder

I inherit it from my mom . The thing is I just can't sleep if I some how sleep I wake up within an hour if this continue soon I will be one ugly duckling as I deprive my self from my beauty sleep ,I tried every thing dim light , music ,every thing but just can't sleep and this habit is making my whole routine so upset .i can't go on like this no more ,help!!!!
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31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You might wanna ask your doctor about a sleep disorder called FFI as I have the same problem except for me it's weeks at a time instead of hours .

Sure I will , thanks

I would like to know if you are thinking very much, without sharing with others? The stress you have are often because you are a woman and women need to talk to lower their stress. This will also increase their happiness-hormones, oxytocin. Are you active in your life? Are you happy? This is important to know. Then we have the things you eat. If you don't drink milk, there is a potential risk that you are depressed too. In milk, eggs and tomatoes, there is a mineral called Lithium, a happinessmineral. If you don't eat these foods everyday, there is a potential risk that you can't sleep too. Try to talk to somebody everyday to release your stress and decrease it. This will help you hopefully.

Yeah I don't drink milk much but I am never depress but when I try to sleep my brain is very active thinking . Probably ur right so u recommend drinking milk before bed time , cuz I try reading too before bed time but it do not help even the most boring books can't make me sleep