So I'm going to attept sleeping pills to se if this with aid me with my lack of sleep. Has anyone tried Zolpiden? I love sleep.....when I actually get it. I have always been a bit of a night owl I enjoy the night. I find I get my best ideas at night but also there is the nights when I lay awake in bed for hours REGRETTING EVERY DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. Lol well not quite but you know that feeling, the world around you is in a peacefull sleep and your there with your thoughts. I worry, I worry about  things that havn't occured yet and plan ways to deal with whatever outcome arises. I think well if this happens, I'll do that. I think about things that are out of my conrol and the things that are consume me. I feel as though it has been years since I've had a regular bed time routine. I suppose being a shift worker in a high stress job does not help much either. Do you ever get tired so you take yourself off to bed but once you get in the sleepyness disappears? Does anyone have trouble distiguishing the insomnia from anxiety as one can be a symptom of the other? How do we tell the difference?

Gillette Gillette
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i hate insomnia!!! Have suffered with it since my teens,i go thru stages of no sleep or 14 hours and i'm still exhausted,got home from work shattered,took a zop,and it's now 5.30 am here in Ireland and wide awake,oh sleep,please come visit,i miss you!!!!

well...i think when we don't get proper sleep, it definetly raises the anxiety level. When I was seeing my phsychiatrist, he was always making sure i got enough sleep. <br />
I'm still a poor sleeper, and i totally know what you're talking about. It's hard to turn off the brain for sleep, i find my breathing gets irregular because i'm starting to panic about not sleeping. <br />
something our body does and needs....curious why it's so hard :(